Easy DIY Dainty Jewelry

Are you chunky jewelry kind of girl, or do you have more of a dainty style? I've always leaned toward a chunkier style in the type of jewelry that I wear and that which I like to create. I view jewelry as a true accessory and if I choose to wear jewelry with an outfit it's because I think it coordinates well and I want it to be seen! Hence why I tend to lean towards wearing more statement necklaces and big chunky earrings.

However I got the chance to play with some pieces from the new Daintyfield line by Cousin Corporation that will hit Michaels stores on August 15th, and I think I might have to give dainty jewelry another chance! I really love what I was able to make from this line!

Here's a peek of what I got sent to play with:

The Daintyfield line features lots of itty bitty charms and slim chains and bangle bracelets. I picked the girliest charms to make a new necklace with: this cute Paris pack with a mini bow, Eiffel tower, and pearl charm!

This line of jewelry supplies is great for someone who wants to get started making jewelry or doesn't have a ton of experience yet because it is very easy to make a finished product with just a couple quick steps.  To make a necklace all I did was use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the jump ring and extender chain on the one end of the necklace. 

Next I strung the three charms onto the chain

And then used needle nose pliers to reattach the jump ring and extender chain and I had a cute new necklace!

I put this necklace on after making it and was surprised by how much I actually liked it! It was a nice change to wear something a little more "dainty" and "cutsey" than I normally do.

Since I liked the necklace so much I decided to go ahead and try out making something else.  I got this adorable arrow charm to play with that I knew would look great as a bracelet. I took a bracelet chain and cut it in half in the middle using wire cutters.  Then I used two small jump rings and needle nose pliers to attach the arrow charm to the middle of the chain.

Depending on the size of your wrist you may have to cut a little chain off of each side of the bracelet like I did.  But when you are done just reattached the clasp and extender clasp to the ends of the chain and you are good to go.

I think it turned out so cute!

Making these pieces was a nice motivation to try out a new style I wouldn't normally pick for myself.  I think I might have to try making some more dainty pieces soon :) If you want to make something similar be sure to look for the Daintyfield pieces in Michael's in August!


  1. Very cute, and great selection of charms! Sometimes a simple chain-and-pendant necklace (or in this case, dainty charms) is the perfect way to make a casual outfit still feel girly and feminine. (Love your pretty lace tank top, btw!)