Two Weekends, Two Weddings and More

Today I thought I share some pictures from the last two weekends in our life, we've had TWO wedding weekends right in a row! Of course now we are done for the summer, but it sure made for a fun streak of dressing up fancy and enjoying time with friends while it lasted :)

The first wedding we had last weekend was for one of my best friends from high school. I was in the wedding along with some other fabulous ladies.  I managed to snap a bridal party selfie right after the wedding and caught us all in it! #skillz

Hubby and I snapped a few pics together while the bride and groom were off getting their photos done!

Then funny story...we thought we had a lot of time to make it from the picture venue to the reception venue since the bride and groom were taking their own photos for a bit.  So, on the way there was a Chik-fil-a and we were STARVING so we stopped in for some waffle fries! Then somehow the bride and groom finished their pictures really fast and beat us all to the reception...I was the last one to get there and help up everyone's entrance....all for the sake of some waffle fries. Whoops! (Worth it? Mhhh hmmm).

Hopefully Morgie can forgive me :) After all I made her pretty earrings she wore for the day! They are very similar to these earrings I make for my etsy shop (I also posted the DIY tutorial!)

She looked absolutely beautiful as every bride should on their big day. The reception was outside and the weather was great, overall it was an awesome day and I'm glad to welcome another girl friend into the "married club," I was the first of all of my friends to get married so it's nice to having some company now!

The day after the wedding hubby and I enjoyed some much needed time out together as leading up to the wedding he was away volunteering for a camp for Civil Air Patrol for a whole week! I know I'm a baby but I don't like being left home alone that long so I was glad to have him back,

So of course we had to go get some margaritas to celebrate being back together again. Er, at least that was the excuse I used to enjoy that margarita and avoid counting how many calories it had in it!!!

This past weekend was nice and long due to the fourth of July holiday! It was great to have a day off of work to enjoy some time at home with our little patriotic puppy. I might have bought him a patriotic polo just for the occasion ;)

We had some friends over in the evening but enjoyed some time as a couple out at a A'Dello Vineyard, a local winery we recently discovered in our town in the afternoon.

There was live music playing and this red white and blue sangaria was quite delicious!!!

Then to finish out the holiday weekend we had one more wedding on Sunday.  It was nice to just be able to dress up and show up to this wedding after being in the last one. Not that I didn't enjoy being a bridesmaid! But taking bridal party pictures SERIOUSLY cuts into cocktail hour, ya know what I'm saying?

Weddings are also such a nice time because out of town friends return.  We all started as friends from high school but many of them have ended up all over the US. I for one have stuck to my suburban PA roots and am fine with that :)

All of these holidays and celebrations on the weekends have done terrible things for my diet lately though, ugh. I might have to push my monthly update back just a little bit this month until I've had time to recover!!

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  1. I love all of your dresses, especially the coral one! The earrings you made for your friend are so beautiful. You were clearly an awesome bridesmaid. :)

    xo Always, Abby