24 Years Old

This weekend was my birthday! I turned 24 on Sunday and used my birthday as an excuse to celebrate all weekend long! I thought I'd share some pictures from our weekend activities and what I'm looking forward to this next year :)

We started our weekend off celebrating with some friends and went to Margaritas - a Mexican restaurant. Margaritas are always a good way start to the weekend!!

Then after Margaritas we went home and I went to bed. Hah! Seriously it was like 10:15 and I was pooped.  I suck at staying up late on the weekends lately.  

I got up and went for a run Saturday morning and it felt good to get one good workout in for the weekend.  I decided I would officially give myself a "rest day" on my birthday.  I honestly don't remember the last time I had one!!! Probably over a month ago.  I just always work out now!!  After my workout was done we had a little time around the house where my hubby and our dog Jefferson snuggled up so cute.  I love these two :)

 Then we all headed out to a historical site right in our town called Pennypacker Mills, it's a beautiful old estate home on lots of acres where Washington camped at one point.

There was a craft fair we visited on the the grounds then we walked around and hung out by the house. 

We both decided we would be ok with having a back yard like this at our house!

It was so pretty out this day, totally felt like the last official weekend of summer and not like fall yet at all!

We were sitting enjoying the view and rocking when my hubby surprised me with my birthday gift a day early.  Birthday gifts in little black boxes are the best!!!

My birthday presents are not normally this fancy haha :) But I'm so excited, I've wanted a matching band for my wedding band for awhile!!  Since I have a halo style ring I think it looks so nice with a band on either side.

Then on Sunday on my actual birthday we started the day off at our favorite local breakfast spot in town and I splurged on some french toast (actually, I splurged allll weekend long!!!)  Mmh mhhh they were so yummy!

After a leisurely morning we headed out to some local wineries for some wine tasting!  We go wine tasting a few times every year but we found three more wineries we had not visited yet to go see.

It was another BEAUTIFUL day out which made it so fun to drive through some Pennsylvania country.  Of course knowing we would have wine at the end of the drive was putting me in a pretty good mood too ;)

I used the nice sunny summer day as an excuse to throw a sun dress on for one last time too!!

We took this picture at Stone Barn Cellars Winery which is located in a 150 year old barn! The old stone walls were so pretty! They did a really great job of incorporating the old features of the barn with new elements like granite counter tops on the bar and tables.  Such a nice venue.

This was the last winery we visited - Black Walnut Winery. I think I would be ok this this much wine storage at my house!!!

 Well I don't think I will ever own that much wine but we did bring home a couple bottles to add to our collection :)

Overall we had such a nice weekend together.  It was a great way to celebrate my birthday! I'm really looking forward to this next year.  It think I'm in a really fun point in life.  Since I've started losing weight I feel so much better about myself as a person and so much more in control of my life.  I'm really excited to continue this journey and see where I'm at after another year! I'm also a couple months into my new job now where I'm actually content and can see myself staying here for a lot longer than any of the other jobs I've had up to this point. Of course I'm still very much in love with my husband and we are both still on the same page about being content where we are.  We are still young and enjoying this stage of life with no baby plans for the near future.  It's nice to just take a breath and feel like you know, this is it.  I've arrived to my own life and now I just get to live it! So I will embrace my 24th year with a very grateful heart and a bright outlook for the future :)


  1. Happy Birthday! it looks like you had a great weekend. And what a fabulous present from hubby! I love that lacy top you are wearing in front of the house. Where is it from?

  2. a late happy birthday i was looking at you beautiful pictures and seen pa so i looked at your profile and see your from the easten part of our state i am from the westeren part i live about 20 miles from pittsburg pa

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had such a GREAT one! Here's to many more!