DIY Gold Chandelier Earrings

I finally have a new jewelry tutorial to share with you all!

Sometimes I go through design ruts and I just cannot come up with any new ideas of jewelry to make! When that happens I tend to browse pinterest or go online to some shop websites to get inspiration.  Sometimes I get inspired to try a new technique or sometimes I see something that I think, hm, I could just make that! That's what I thought when I saw these earrings from Shopbop.  I made my own version!

I didn't have any little silver beads, or square ones for that matter, but I had two different sized gold round beads that I used instead.

I started to make my bead links by stringing on one large bead, four little beads, and another large bead onto a head pin and also an eye pin.

Use needle nose pliers to bend the wire on each link 90 degrees directly above the beads

Use wire cutters to trim off all but about half an inch tail

Grasp the end of the tail with round nose pliers and bend back into a loop

Use needle nose pliers to connect the loop on the head pin to one end of the eye pin and squeeze the open loop shut with the pliers.

Repeat this process 7 times, and then make two links on head pins that are only half the size: one large bead and two small beads.

Add chain to each link by linking the chain through the loop and squeezing shut with pliers.

Vary the lengths of the chain so you have a fan pattern that looks something like this:

Next take an eye pin and string on a small gold bead

Alternate stringing on a gold bead and each of the beaded links

After you are done stringing bend the eye pin slightly with your fingers so it is rounded

Create a simple loop on the other side of the eye pin

Lastly, use pliers to open each side of the eye pin loops and string on two pieces of chain.  Open a small jump ring and string on the two chain link ends and an ear wire. 

Repeat this process to make a second earring and you are done!

These are such a fun pair of earrings.  They are long enough to make a statement but they are still dainty and won't overpower your look. 

Instead of using silver or gold beads it would be pretty to use regular beads with color too.  Maybe with a cool ombre effect? Maybe with some colored chain? Hmm, maybe my design wheels are churning again.  Hopefully I will be able to jump start into making my own design for my next project!!


  1. You know I'm always in awe of how much patience you have to do so much detailed work on one piece. These turned out really great. I just restarted my Make it Monday Party
    and would love for you to stop by and share your project. Hope to see there!

  2. These earrings look great. thanks for the tutorial :)

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