65 Pounds Down - Weight Loss Update

Well I'm back with another monthly weight loss update and I am feeling skinny this week!

I've lost 8 whole stinking pounds from my last update putting me up to 65 pounds lost total since I started in January.  I'm pretty impressed with myself!!! That's pretty good progress for this far into the journey I would say!!!

So, what have I been up to this month? Well, mostly the same old.  Eating healthy and exercising. It really doesn't change too much!

 I have been pushing myself a little more though - especially in the running department. Ever since daylight savings I've had to cut back the times I run outside.  I really don't feel comfortable running alone in the dark in the mornings or evenings before/after I go to work so I only get one outside run in on the weekends now.  So I've been pushing myself to go farther; I ran six miles two different times, and the second time I did it I felt great at the end and like I could really keep going. So, next time I went out I pushed for 7.

Well, I found out that 7 is a lot harder. Hah!! I had to stop to walk every now and again but gosh darn it I did it.  Twice!!! And I'm going to keep doing it until I get better.  Because it is really hard! When I come back from just doing four miles I'm nice and sweaty but able to shower and move on with my day.  The past two times I did seven I came back and was a little wheezy and after I showered I had to lay on the couch for a lonnnnng time before doing anything else. Hah!

I've also gotten hooked up with a beach body coach and ordered and have been trying out T25. I'm not one to stick to one workout program routine every single day but I like adding them in once or twice a week, especially Friday's when I get up way to early in the morning to get my workout done before work and just like to do something in front of the TV.  This program is no joke! My sweaty hair was sticking to my face, that's how sweaty I got!

I know I come off pretty positive about this weight loss journey in my updates, but every month there are times when sticking to this lifestyle sucks.  I've been committed for 10 whole months now, so certain things come easier.  Fitting in exercise every day.  Only drinking alcohol on the weekends.  But sometimes? Sometimes saying no so many times just sucks. Especially when you get stuck at one weight! I was so grumpy for like two days one week this month.  I was so proud of myself, we had a catered lunch from Panera provided by my work during a day of meetings and I stuck to salad and half of a healthy sandwich, no cookies or chips or any of the extras.  Then the next day I was up on the scale when I didn't think I should be and someone ordered pizza for lunch and there were all these yummy things laying around the office and I just wanted some freaking pizza and not the apple and yogurt and other crap I eat for lunch every day.  Then at night I cooked ground turkey with cauliflower and pasta, nice low fat recipe but I burned the stinking cauliflower and I just wanted some CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE AND WINE GOSH FREAKING DARN IT.  Surprisingly, I wasn't even PMSing ;)

But, I got through it. I just feel committed. I WANT to keep progressing and if these past months have shown me anything is that I KNOW I am strong enough to keep it up. But I am entitled to some grumpy selfies with my apple slices when I'm pissed off along the way :)

I tried some old pants on again this month while I was being grumpy, that's always a mood lifter! I forgot that I had actually STOPPED wearing these pants at my heaviest because they were TOO tight, they strained against my belly too much and it was way too uncomfortable to sit in them at work all day. They are SOOO baggy now! The difference is crazy to me.

I'm still fighting the battle of the belly bulge but I can really see some huge improvement lately. There is a big difference in these pictures!
Annnnd to just top things off I celebrated a little non-scale victory and was able to fit into pants and a skirt in size 10 from Loft. You gotta know I was doing a happy dance all the way from the dressing room to the cash register because those puppies came home with me!!

I'm being pretty "good" right now - trying to stay somewhat on track during the weekends and not fall off the wagon completely.  I'm sure the holiday season will be a little detrimental to me though, I am NOT sticking to any diet for Thanksgiving day because I am human and American and want to enjoy the day.  But I will get through it and get back on track like I always do. Here's to another month of progress!


  1. Congrats girl, you look great! You have such a tiny waist! I'm so proud of you (plus how cool is it that those pants are too big now?)! Can't wait to keep following along!

  2. That's amazing! A total inspiration! I just keep hovering on 12, sometimes it's tight, sometimes it's loose, and it's so irritating. But just as I'm doing well with my exercise routine, life gets in the way and it takes me awhile to get my schedule and motivation back.

  3. Congrats that is awesome! You are a great inspiration! I love reading your updates!

  4. Bravo to you!!! You look fantastic and I know you feel wonderful, too.

  5. That is amazing! Making me to take my weight loss journey serious and to see it as a journey

  6. You are truly an inspiration! Congratulations! I really appreciate your honesty about grumpy days! Thank you very much! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. I'm so impressed by you! Thank you for sharing your story - I will definitely pass it on!
    Heather Wyancko

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your update! Your photos and story are such an inspiration! I have been on a weight loss journey for the past 2 years myself, but have fallen off the wagon the last 6 months and unfortunately, the scale reflects it! You are giving me encouragement to get back at it! Maintaining weight loss can be just as hard as losing. The key is to keep doing the things that got me to my target weight even after I reach it! What are your eating do's and dont's?

    Come join the Beautiful You link up!

  9. Wow! You look amazing! This is such an inspirational post, thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh well done! You look gorgeous and must be so proud of yourself! What an inspiration to everyone who wants to change the way they look!

    Keep up the great work!


  11. I am very proud of you and happy for you too! Keep up the good(and healthy) work.

  12. You go girl! You are looking ahhh-mazing and I am so inspired by you!!

    xo Always, Abby

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