DIY Gold Crystal Cluster Necklace

I haven't really done much holiday crafting this year.  The first year after we got married I crafted a TON for every holiday since it was our first official holiday season as a married couple in our own house.  Then the second year I crafted still, but not quite as much.  Well now we are on our third set of holidays as a married couple and I haven't crafted diddly squat for the season. Hah! I guess it's a mix of already having things from years past and I'm crafting a little less now that I exercise every day and am trying to stay more active! So, I don't have any official "holiday" crafts to share with you yet but if you are looking for a pretty DIY necklace to wear to some of those upcoming holiday parties you will be attending, I've gotchayo' back :)

This DIY Gold Crystal Cluster Necklace makes a sparkly statement when worn and the crystals add the perfect bling accessory for a holiday dress!

So if you need a little holiday sparkle in your life, keep reading for this easy jewelry DIY!

Crystal rondelle beads, head pins, eye pins, jump rings, chain, beading wire, crimp beads and a clasp. All of those items are not pictured here FYI. Sometimes I make up the project as I go along so I'm not too sure what supplies to pull out at the start hah!

String a crystal bead onto a head pin. Grasp the head pin directly above the bead with needle nose pliers and bend 90 degrees.  Trim off all but a half inch tail from the pin using wire cutters.

Bend the wire back into a loop with round nose pliers.

Make six crystal charms and then string them onto a jump ring using needle nose pliers to squeeze shut after all the charms are on.

One cluster complete!!! You are going to need a lot of these, so make a bunch!

After you have a "bunch" of clusters made, grab some chain , beading wire and crimp beads.

Use needle nose pliers to attach a piece of beading wire to the end of your chain using crimp beads. I used two crimps for extra strength since this part of the necklace will be fairly heavy with all the beads on it.

Start stringing on the bib of the necklace alternating one crystal bead and one cluster of crystal beads.

After all your clusters are strung on pull everything tight and use crimp beads to attach the beading wire to another piece of chain.

Use needle nose pliers to attach a jump ring to one end of the chain and a jump ring with a lobster claw clasp to the other end.

Now that the clasp is on you COULD be done.  I decided to jazz it up just a little more though and added one more strand.

To make the extra strand, string more crystal beads onto eye pins.

Use needle nose pliers to bend the pin 90 degrees above the bead

Grasp the end of the pin with round nose pliers and bend back into a loop.

Connect one loop of one beaded link to the loop of another beaded link using needle nose pliers and squeeze the loops shut.

Build a long chain like so:

After your chain is made use needle nose pliers to connect the strand onto the jump ring on the end of the chain. Add another jump ring on to be able to hook the clasp onto easier.

Do the same for the other side: open the jump ring up that the lobster claw clasp is on and attach the beaded strand.

Finally, you are done!

I paired this necklace with a sparkly sweater because (in my world) you can never have too much sparkle :) But it would also look great as a pop of color on a little black dress!

Of course if the necklace is a little too much sparkle for you, you could always forgo the second strand and just stick to the crystal cluster on chain.

Well, I won't have many new crafty holiday decor creations for this season, but at least I will have a new necklace to wear for the season! Come on, priorities people!!


  1. This turned out great!


  2. Gorgeous Rebecca and perfect for holiday parties! I know what you mean ( and I've been married a LOT longer than you). It'll go in cycles. You'll decide you want to replace one or two holiday pieces then the whole cycle will begin again one year...then you'll be satisfied for a while and then....

  3. I love this necklace! It's a wonderful way to have a statement necklace without it being too much!

    Pam | Pam's Life

  4. Hello cute lady! I love stopping by and partying with you each week. Thank you for hosting. Please come visit our party. We would really appreciate it. Happy Wednesday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Beautiful, I love how you made the clusters, brilliant idea.

  6. Oooh, this really looks great. Thanks a lot

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