Eshakti Dress Review

Since loosing weight I've had to get rid of a LOT of clothes.  A good problem if you ask me :) but a problem none the less! Eshaki invited me to try a dress out from one of their new collections and I agreed to help replenish my wardrobe with some smaller option!

I picked out the Pearl Beaded Polydupion Dress and it is beautiful! The beaded neckline is definitely the most stunning part of the dress, it makes it very elegant.

The dress has a nice amount of "poof" in the skirt making it very full and formal, I really need to get invited somewhere fancy now so I can have some place to wear this!

If I could have changed one thing about the dress though I would have shortened the length just a bit. It's a shame I didn't think to do it before I ordered it because eShakti does offer customization on all of their pieces! For this dress you could have picked different sleeve lengths or a longer/shorter length. 

Overall I still really like the dress though. Next time I will remember to review the customization offers a little better!!! If you want to check out eShakti, you can register online to get a $25 credit towards a new purchase!


  1. That dress looks beautiful on you. I agree with you about shortening it some. Perhaps you can wear it for an elegant Valentine dinner.

  2. WOW. Love that dress, It looks stunning on you! xo