DIY Cord & Crystal Necklace

So as I sit here typing this Sunday night it is currently 10 degrees outside and feels like -4.  Good news though, it's supposed to go all the way down to -2 tonight! Oh wait, did I say that was good news??? This is good weather to do nothing but snuggle up inside under some blankets and talk about a fun new DIY jewelry project, right???

This DIY Cord & Crystal Necklace comes together in under an hour and doesn't require many jewelry making skills at all! I think the use of cord instead of beading wire or chain makes this necklace just a little extra special!

Here is how to make your own!

Black satin cord, cord ends, metal charm bracelet, crystal snaps,  jump rings and a toggle clasp.

The crystal beads I used on this necklace are actually a part of the "Snap in Style" line from Cousin Corporation.  The snap bases came off of a metal charm bracelet which I just removed from the chain bracelet to use for this necklace.  First step is to snap the crystal bead onto the snap charm base.

...easy enough so far...right?? ;) Do this for all six crystals and set aside.

Cut a length of satin black cord to your desired necklace length.  Be careful as the ends fray easily so either wrap them with tape or just be gentle as you work with them! Using your glue of choice (I just used hot glue but E-600 would be a good option as well) fill up the metal cord ends full of glue and then insert the cord into the metal cord end.  Hold in place until glue is dry.

After they are dry your necklace base should be ready to work with.

Find the center of your cord and then go over about an inch to the left.  Use needle nose pliers to grab a jump ring and carefully pull apart the satin cording to loop the jump ring through one piece of the cord.

Link a crystal charm through the jump ring and then squeeze it shut using jump rings.  Repeat for another charm on other side of the center of the cord.

Repeat this process for the remaining crystal charms.

To finish off the necklace, use jump rings to attach a toggle clasp to ends of the metal cord ends.

Once everything is connected, the necklace is done!

Pretty simple, huh? The really cool thing about using the snap bases is that if you ever get tired of the crystals you could buy some different snap charms and swap them out for a new look!

I think it lays really nicely when you wear it, the crystals charms give it a little bit of bling which I'm always a big proponent of ;)

I think this is enough pictures of me standing outside in the snow with no coat on though, I'm getting cold just looking at these pictures haha!

I'm supposed to be unbearably cold tomorrow (Monday) as well but luckily I have the day for President's Day (thanks presidents!) so I think I will just stay inside again bundled up under lots more blankets and work on my next jewelry project!!


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