Cucumber Dill Cheese and Turkey Appetizers

I’ve never been a big cucumber fan, but I’ve always been a big fan of free things.  I mean is anyone NOT a fan of free things??? So, when one of my good friends Cari offered to bring me some free veggies from her summer garden, I of course accepted.  Cari lives about an hour away from me though and we don’t see each other all the time – so when we met up recently we actually had plans to meet at a bar.  What a friend, Cari lugged a tote bag FULL of huge cucumbers and zucchinis into the bar to share with me haha. Pretty random  but I’m sure that stranger things have been brought into a bar before ;)

Since I had a bunch of free cucumbers sitting around I figured I should try and make something tasty with them, even if cucumbers are not always my first pick for favorite veggie.  These cucumber bites with cheese and turkey COMPLETELY hit the spot though! I found myself continually sneaking bites of the cucumber and cheese spread while prepping these appetizers so maybe I’ve even been cucumber converted :)


Cucumber Dill Cheese and Turkey Appetizers

The flavor combo for these little appetizers was inspired by these delicious cheese spreads I found at the grocery store from Alouette.  The nutrition facts of the cheese are amazing and they taste great! One wedge is 40 calories, 1g carb, 3g fat and 2g protein.  Paired with a crisp cucumber slice, rolled up turkey lunch meat and a sprinkle of fresh dill these little bites pack a punch of protein and a ton of flavor!  Plus, five of these bites add up to only 75 calories so you can keep snacking without worrying about ruining your diet!



      1. Cut cucumber into thin slices
      2. Spread one cheese wedge over five separate cucumber slices
      3. Roll up a slice of lunch meat and cut into five sections
      4. Assemble bites by placing turkey on top of the cheese and cucumber slices and garnish with fresh dill  

      Nutritional Information

      Five little cucumber slices add up to 75 calories, 3g carbs, 3g fat and 8g protein. Those are some awesome macros for a healthy snack!
      So….who wants to give me some more free food to inspire me to make another healthy little appetizer??? :)


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