Easy Gift Packaging Idea using Crystal Charms

Need a cute and quick packaging idea for a simple gift? I have a super simple wrapping idea for you today using charms made with Swarovski® crystals!

I blogged about these charms made with Swarovski® crystals that are available at Michaels stores last week with my DIY Wine Glass Charms but I wanted to share one more idea of how these charms make great little present toppers!

I mentioned briefly before that while I was on vacation two weeks ago we had to leave a few days early due to a family member who had a medical emergency back home.  The family member literally was medevaced to a hospital in PA while the rest of his family was down in Virginia with me so as soon as we found that out we packed up and left very quickly to start the drive back home.  There were a few different sets of couples staying at the vacation house including a very nice older couple named Stephanie and Robert that were friends with the couple who rented the house I stayed at. When we had to pack up and leave so last minute they were very helpful in getting our stuff together and taking care of the rest of the chores that we normally would have all helped with before we all left the rental at the end of the week. I wanted to send Stephanie specifically a little present to say thank you for her help.  Stephanie is actually a breast cancer survivor, so when I got this adorable little breast cancer awareness charm from Cousin Corporation in my goodie pack of the new charms to try out, I knew it would be the PERFECT topper for my gift for Stephanie.

My actual gift for Stephanie was a set of pink earrings that I made using textured metal rings, shell beads and czech glass beads.  I thought that the shell beads were a nice touch since I met Stephanie and her husband at the beach! I put the earrings in a simple cardboard gift box and then got ready to decorate it.

I first wrapped it with some pink washi tape

And then added a bow with some pink bakers twine

For the final touch, all I had to do was clip on the  breast cancer charm made with Swarovski® crystals! I love how easy it is to clip the charm on and then back off again. While the REAL gift is the pair of earrings inside of the box, Stephanie can now unclip the charm and use it somewhere else too!

Stephanie and her husband live in Ohio so this little gift is all packaged up and ready to be mailed off to her.  I think the cute packaging will make opening up this gift so much more fun for sure!!!