Gold Pendant Chain Necklace DIY

This DIY Gold Pendant Chain Necklace is super fashion forward and easy to make with a few simple jewelry making skills. It's a quick project too and can be made in less than two hours!

Some of my jewelry projects are quite time consuming, but this little necklace is much more of an instant gratification project! It can be made in less than two hours: I know because I whipped it up while getting caught up on a few episodes of New Girl ;)

I felt very accomplished making this project from start to finish in one day: it happened on a most lovely Saturday back in September.  I had NO plans for the whole day so I spent the day doing a mix of productive and relaxing things, hah! I made myself get up and run in the morning and even got some meal prep done for the week by roasting some veggies, but then I treated myself by walking into town to get my nails done and then came back to my apartment to turn on New Girl and get crafting!

I love weekends where I have a bunch of fun plans, but throwing in a random empty Saturday here or there again isn't so bad, especially when I get a cute new necklace at the end of it :) If you have a free Saturday or even an evening or afternoon, here is how you can make your own necklace!


Gold chain, gold bar pendants, faux clear crystals, large gold round beads, small gold round beads, beading wire, crimp beads, jump rings, clasp, needle nose pliers, wire cutters. My pendant beads are all from the boho jewelry making line at Cousin DIY!


Cut five lengths of beading wire around six inches long each.  String on a length of small gold round beads on two of the wires, one length of large round beads, one length of clear crystal pendant beads, and one length of gold pendant beads alternating with small gold round beads.  I use scotch tape on one end of the beading wire to keep the beads from falling off while I'm working on them!

String a crimp bead on to one end of the beading wire with the gold pendant beads.  Loop the wire back around into the crimp bead

Form a small loop and squeeze the crimp bead shut using needle nose pliers

Trim off any excess wire from the loop using wire cutter than repeat on the other side

Do the same thing for the clear crystal beads and large gold beads

String a crimp bead onto one end of one of the beading wire strung with the small gold round beads, but before looping the wire back around into the crimp bead thread it through one end of the gold pendant strand. Finish crimping both sides.

Decide on the spacing that you want for your necklace: I left seven small gold beads on each side of the necklace and then strung on the clear crystal gold bead strand to the remain beading wire

String back on seven more small gold beads on each side and then add on the length of large gold beads

Cut two lengths of chain using wire cutters. Add another crimp bead onto each piece of wire on either side of the necklace and then string through a piece of chain.  String the wire back through the crimp bead and squeeze shut using pliers. 

Trim off any excess beading wire using wire cutters

Add a clasp to the ends of the chain by connecting a clasp to the chain ends using jump rings

After the clasp is connected, your necklace is finished!

I'm totally loving long necklaces for fall: I think they can be paired with oversized sweaters and so many other cute layered looks for the season.

Strangely enough though the weather has been in the 70s/80s this week here in PA so I could also pair it with a basic short sleeve dress and peep-toe booties!

Gotta love a simple project that can still look fabulous and store bought when you wear it.

Now...I'm behind on New Girl AGAIN so lets see what project I can get done next time I sit down to catch up :)


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