Staying Healthy On Weekend Trips with Florastor®

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I love to travel and exploring new towns and places, especially on fun little weekend trips.  I live in the Philadelphia suburbs which I love because within about a 2-3 hour drive you can go up north to New York, east to New Jersey, south to DC, or west to other parts of the state. There are so many different places to explore! I recently went on a little weekend trip to Shippensburg Pennsylvania which is a little over two hours away from where I live and it was such a fun little town to go visit.

I went on the trip with my boyfriend because he actually went to college at Shippensburg years ago, so we had a fun little weekend planned to go back to his old stomping grounds and see some of his old friends.  Now, since I’ve lost weight I’ve always been a big supporter of giving yourself time off from your diet to relax and have fun when you need it (which normally happens on the weekends for me!) but I also still think that giving yourself a break shouldn’t be an excuse to have a free for all the entire weekend! I knew I had this fun little weekend trip planned where I would not be following my diet as strict as normal, but we still made plans to make it a generally healthy an active trip as best as we could.

My best advice for staying somewhat healthy on trips when you go away? PLAN AHEAD! We made plans to go hiking at a state park when we got out to Shippensburg on Saturday morning and I knew that after the hike we would be STARVING so I planned ahead to pack a healthy lunch for us to enjoy when the hike was done. I used a meal prep lunch bag I have to pack up all of the essentials for eating healthy while we were out and about.

I packed away some carrots and tomatoes with a greek yogurt sauce to dip them in, some lean turkey breast and spinach to make a salad with honey mustard dressing, a few snack bars, and then of course since I was going to be staying overnight in Shippensburg I had to make sure I had packed my Florastor® Daily Probiotics to take while I was away.  

We had an amazing hike that morning.  It was sunny and beautiful outside but not too hot, the scenery was gorgeous, and the hike was challenging! I’m so used to climbing the stair master at the gym to get my cardio in, and this hike was actually like nature’s very own stair master!

Although I have to say, the view from the top of the hike was SO MUCH BETTER than the view from the top of the stair master at my gym.  You could see mountains and trees for miles and miles. It was so beautiful and also rewarding because I had to climb up a mountain myself to see it!

The climb back down the mountain was much less challenging (thank goodness!) and my picnic lunch was waiting at the car for us to enjoy as reward for conquering such a challenging hike.  I made sure to take my Florastor® Daily Probiotic with lunch as well because I have been loving what this probiotic has been doing for my body lately!

I changed up my diet plan about 8 months ago to the If It Fits your Macros diet plan and ever since I made that switch it has done WONDERS for maintaining my weight loss (100 pounds down still and loving it!!!) but my digestion and regulatory system definitely had a lot of um, well adjusting to do to the new plan.  Florastor® is actually the best selling probiotic worldwide and the ONLY brand on the market with Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 which helps restore your natural flora, so I knew it would be my best option to help strengthen my digestive balance AND support my immune system. It helps to break down carbs and fiber in my body while still being vegetarian, gluten-free, and contains no GMO ingredients so I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting in my body.  

I went on to have such a fun rest of the weekend: I met some new friends, went to a college football game, had a great dinner, went to a random beard and mustache competition for charity (I know, I didn’t know such a thing existed either?!?) and ended up drinking just a litttttle more wine than I should have (hey, what else is new with me haha) BUT I didn’t feel bad about it because I started the day off with some exercise and a great healthy lunch so the trip wasn’t a complete cheat day.  

There are always ways to eat healthy when you are out of town and there are SO many different activities you can find that will still get your body moving and heart pumping for a bit of extra exercise if you just try to make it a priority! I cannot IMAGINE trying to hike to the top of that mountain when I was 100 pounds heavier two years ago, and so I am so glad that I took the steps to the point of health I’m at now where I am capable of doing that, and am glad that I can still go off on weekend getaways and find ways to stay healthy and on track while I’m away!

Next time you start researching healthy activities to do on an upcoming weekend trip, make sure you also check out Florastor® Daily Probiotics and visit their site to find out all the other great benefits of taking a daily probiotic and why Florastor® is the best option out there!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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