Riced Broccoli and Cauliflower Veggie Muffins

Using pre-packaged riced broccoli and cauliflower makes cooking up a batch of these healthy veggie muffins a breeze! They are perfect to use as an appetizer for a party along with a dip or a great healthy side to prep for lunches or dinners during the week!

Have you guys seen the new bags of riced broccoli that Trader Joe's has in stock? Riced cauliflower has been all the rage for awhile now...but riced broccoli?!? Now that was something I had never seen before.  As a self proclaimed veggie fan, I knew that after a recent trip to Trader Joe's I just HAD to give this stuff a try.

I'll be honest...I originally was going to try and make some kind of baked "tot" with the broccoli but I tried to make it a little more healthy by slimming down some of the fatty ingredients commonly found in veggie tots (cheese and breadcrumbs!!!) but then I ultimately failed at the whole tot forming process. This was a big disappointment as I had planned to film a great little insta-story of my broccoli tots singing "tots, tots, tots, tots, tots, tots, tots, tots" to the tune of the "shots" song by LMFAO...sigh. The best laid plans.

But fear not! Since my veggie mixture lacked tot forming capabilities I just threw 'um cupcake liners and added some egg whites so the macros/nutritional info for each of these bites became even HIGHER in protein AND they bacamee easier to make.  Cause who realllly wants to take the time to roll out 20 little tots when you can just throw it in a cupcake tray and call it a day. I fully promote healthy eating...in the easiest way possible!

These little bites still come out pre-portioned as a great little healthy appetizer to serve with a dip for a party and I have also been eating them as a side for my lunches at work during the week! Just cook up a batch of these on Sunday and they should stay fresh in your fridge for 4-5 days!

I chose to use some ingredients I had on hand to make these little muffins, but you could easily sub a different kind of cheese or regular yellow onion instead of shallots.

And of course the best part about these little muffins is that they are super nutritious for you and high in protein! One muffin is 28 calories with 3g of carbs, 1g of fat and 3g of protein.

Here's how to make them!

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Riced Broccoli and Cauliflower Veggie Muffins
Use prepared riced broccoli and cauliflower to make easy and healthy veggie muffins that are high in protein and low in fat.
  • Half a Bag of Riced Broccoli (Found at Trader Joes)
  • Half a Bag of Riced Cauliflower (Found at Trader Joes)
  • 2 Medium Shallots
  • Minced Garlic
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/3 Cup Seasoned Breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 Cup Low Fat Mozzarella
  • 1 Tbs Italian Seasoning
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 200ml Egg Whites
Preheat oven to 400 degreesSautée about 1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic with cooking spray and diced shallots over medium heat until soft, around 5 minutes Combine broccoli, cauliflower, egg, breadcrumbs, cheese, italian seasoning, salt and pepper and cooked shallots in a large bowl and stir to combineSpray 20 cupcake tray inserts with cooking spray and distribute veggie mix between each cupAdd 10ml of egg whites to each cup and then bake at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes or until each muffin is firm and golden on top
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 20 Muffins


  1. Oh I might need to try these next week!

  2. Love the philosophy of healthy, easy, use what you have! Made these tonight, substituted Trader Joe's brussel sprouts (for riced broc) and feta cheese with Mediterranean herbs (for mozz and Italian seasoning)... delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's realllyyyyy easy to make riced broc or riced cauliflower - you just put it in a food processor and hit blend. No need to pay Trader Joe's prices for what is essentially pulverized broccoli

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  5. what kind of dipping sause did you make with these