About Me

Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I'm so glad you've found your way over to my little blog here. 

About Me

My name is Rebecca Grafton and I'm a 27 year old girly girl from the Philly suburbs area.  This blog is devoted to all of my girly ways of life! I love to cook healthy meals, craft and make jewelry, and wear cute outfits ;)  I currently work full time as an insurance salesperson and live with my boyfriend in the Montgomery County, PA which is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

 On my blog I share many DIY tutorials but I'm a major beadaholic and have been making jewelry since I was a kid. Jewelry making is my creative passion and what I do when I have free time and want to relax. To me there is nothing better then sitting down in my craft room on a Saturday afternoon with some Gilmore Girls episodes on repeat, a hot cup of sugary coffee, a seasonal candle burning from Bath and Body works, and the whole afternoon ahead of me to just BEAD! 

I am also very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and big portion of that is that I love to cook and create healthy recipes! I recently lost 100 pounds and have received a decent amount of press recognition for my weight loss transformation. It took me two years to lose 100 pounds and during that time I truly developed a love for finding and creating new recipes that were healthy but still tasted amazing.  I'm so happy to be able to share these recipe ideas with you on my blog!

Last but not least, I'm a big girly girl at heart.  I feel under-dressed if I'm not wearing at least two-inch heels at work, I love to color coordinate my accessories to my outfits so much that it might verge on slightly obsessive, and I just ultimately love putting together cute, girly outfits. I hope you enjoy a peek into my daily style on a budget.

The Back Story

I started "My Girlish Whims" when I was a junior at Grove City College.  It was 2010 and craft blogs were all the rage! I started my blog to share tutorials on how to make jewelry, how I decorated my dorm room, and just basically a lifestyle blog keeping up with my life.  I blogged through-out getting engaged, getting married, moving into my first home, and starting out life as a newly-wed.

Through a series of personal events, I am now divorced and feel like I am starting life all over again, happier than I have ever been.  There are many posts in my archives about my previous relationship and life, and many moments that were shared on this blog during that time of my life.  I won't delete those posts because there WAS a time when I was very happy with that life, but people grow and change and ultimately things did not work out for me and that lifestyle.

Where I am Now

So here I am now: 27, the best shape I've ever been in my life, and very much excited for what the future holds for me.  I am truly a happy and positive person and I wake up each morning feeling so blessed for my health, my family, friends and salvation, and the people who follow along with my journey online and see me as an inspiration and motivation for them. I'm excited to continue to share tips on my blog for weight loss and healthy living, tutorials from my creative endeavors, and just overall just snippits of my personal life who any one who cares to follow along the whims of a girl who is a little too addicted to wine for her own good and slightly obsessed with posting on instagram.


  1. Hi, what a fun post.I'm hopping over from Sassy Sites and I'm happy to be a new follower of your lovely blog. hugs Katherine ( Katie)

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thanks for linking up at our Sassy Sites NEW friend party! It's so fun to meet lots new blog friends! I'm excited to be a follower of your cute blog now too! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. I'm hopping from Sassy Sites and a newbie, also. What a cute blog!!! I'm your newest follower. Stop by and say hi sometime if you want. www.acreativeprincess.blogspot.com

  4. You are so cute! I was always very particular about which last name I would have, so I totally understand! I got Simmons which is okay. Phew!

  5. I too am a college student wishing to be married with babies and such! I have many different names too! hehe Feel free to call me Tina! :) Love your blog!


  6. haha, you're so cute. that really sounds a little strange coming out of my own mouth I guess because I'm only 15 myself. But yeah, I like your blog. And I just thought you should know not to worry, cute babies come to those who wait patiently for them. lol.

    Hope you're having a good good friday and happy easter!!!!

  7. Aww... a Philly girl! I am from south Jersey. I know what you mean about the alias... My name is Lorraine but almost all of my family call me Lorrie. My friends know me as Lorraine and wouldn't know who Lorrie is. Writing Christmas cards is tricky because I have to remember who calls me what :)

    Sweet photos!

  8. i laughed out load at your last paragraph about his last name. gotta love him no matter what! you seem really cute and sweet! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i'm glad to be blog friends now!

  9. I don't get tired of oohhhing and ahhhing over all of your cool jewelry that you make!

  10. you should update your about me since you're a married woman now!!! tehe :-)

  11. Hi Rebecca, you have a beautiful smille and your blog is adorable. I love your works. I'm going to trie to make a purple crystal earings. I also love pearls since I remember me!
    Thanks for sharing ideias and explanations :)!

    A hug from Portugal
    Ana Lopes

  12. I just happened upon your blog today and I just wanted to say that I LOVE IT! =)

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    Amazing job :) You have such a pretty smile...



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  17. Wow!! I was always very particular about which last name I would have, so I totally understand!you're so cute. that really sounds a little strange coming out of my own mouth I guess because I'm only 15 myself. I'm going to trie to make a purple crystal earings. I also love pearls since I remember me!
    Thanks for sharing ideias and explanations//!!

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  19. Hello Rebecca!
    I stumbled upon your instagram and have been reading different parts of your blog over the past week. I myself am at a point where I want to make a healthy change in my life, move out of the obese weight category and just feel healthier. I have found your story inspiring and it has encouraged me to make a plan to start my own health journey. Thanks for sharing an honest journey to help people like me feel it is possible to be loose weight and be healthy.

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