What I Wore Wednesday #3

Hello my dear Bloggy Buddies :)

It's Wednesday....so time for my third WIWW!

Here's my Thursday outfit: 

And I'm totally wearing a really cute headband I made from this cute tutorial. But you can't tell. So here's a pic from when I was modeling it before. 

Love it!!

Here's my Sunday outfit.

All through church I was a little self conscience that my dress wasn't covering my bum enough.  I mean, I had leggings on but I'm a firm believer of keeping those buns covered...

And this is just me being silly wearing my snuggie.  With some accessories.  I really love this thing. I mean, a blanket with sleeves, why didn't we think of this before?? 

Somedays when I'm doing homework at my desk with it on and have to go out I really just wish I could wear it in public. Ya know... just throw a belt over it and your good to go. 

Maybe except the fact that it doesn't have a back.  That DEFINITELY would not keep my buns covered...


  1. Yes I do believe the Lord likes a covered tush...especially in church! :) You look adorable...and as far as the belted snuggie...Perfection!!

  2. Snuggie with accessories.. hilarious. Cute cute outfits.. you made the headband? Very impressive :)

  3. Haha! I have a pink snuggie too! I love it, I think blankets will be one of those things the next generation misses out on, like cassette tapes or VHS lol. Cute outfits too!

  4. Great headband! I just had to stop by from the Pleated Poppy when I saw the photo of the Snuggie. That's so funny! You have a great sense of humor and cute style!

  5. um. the first outfit you are not wearing any pants..... :P

  6. Reference for all.... I am wearing pants in all my pictures! The first pic is jeans, and the second one is a black dress under the sweater. It's just kind of hard to see. ;)

  7. I think Snuggies are HILARIOUS! So I'm lovin' that you included it in your WIWW post!

  8. I love my Snuggie too...it is leopard print...too funny!