You don't cuddle with your new clothes too?

So, today I took a trip to the outlets near my college to do some SHOPPING

Am I the only one who just likes to squeeze all my new great friends after a shopping trip? Spend a little quality time bonding with my new babes..... Ok. Maybe this is weird. I was just excited.

And got a little shopping high and wanted to share my purchases with someone. 

Can I say I LURVEEE Old Navy 50% of clearance deals? I got four of those sweaters for under $20 total.  

And I'm totally wearing that blue tank top (5 bucks on sale from American Eagle hollaaaa) and fuchsia sweater for my hot date with boyfriend in two weeks. 

And speaking of boyfriend...
Check out how hot we both look skyping (long distance sucks) in our huge headphones? I'm kinda small but I promise I look just as ridiculous.

Favorite quote from our convo (talking about engagement rings. EEEEHHH! ):

Me: But how will you know how to find a pretty one if I don't help?
Boyfriend: Do I not know what pretty is? I found you didn't I?


*giggles and squeals a little*

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