Awkward and Awesome Thursday #3

  • When I went to the gym this week and thought I saw a good guy friend, so I gave him a suggestive eye brow wag (because obvi that's what you all do to your good friends when you see them). And then he just stared strangely back at me.  And then I realized it was not my friend, and I just suggestively eye brow wagged a complete stranger. Dang it.
  • That one annoying girl in every class who always laughs a little louder at the teachers jokes and shouts out the most random suggestions when he asks for participation....and everyone else in the class just cringes at the girl while the teacher tries to not makes funny faces.
  • Spilling coffee all over my pants in the cafeteria and looking like I had an accident...
  • Having someone point out that one side of your hair is curly and the other straight. Come on hair. We were going for curly today. Get with the program.
  • The fact that I still cannot really spell Janurary and Febuary right. See? It's wrong.  Too many Rs in weird places. JANUARY. FEBRUARY. must remember this.
  • Dropping food into your cleavage. Then you check that no ones looking and reach in to get it out, only to look up and realize that multiple people are now staring at you. Dang it. 
  • Motion sensors on doors. Way too many times on this campus have I gone to open a door and just slammed into it because the motion detector didn't notice me. 
  • Having an a friend email me telling me that she google image searched "kisses in the snow" to find a cute pic to send in an email for her boyfriend, and that a picture of me and boyfriend showed up in the results. Hah!

  • My k-cup coffee maker! I finally bought cream for it and have been smuggling sugar packets from the cafeteria (shhh don't tell) and can now have coffeeeeee every morning. 
  • When you style your hair with yummy smelling hairspray and can go around all day smelling it. Mh. So nice. 
  • Hearing people go "oooohhhh" or "how cute!!" or " i love these!" when they walk past my dorm room were I have my handmade jewelry and headbands displayed for sale. Makes me feel good :)
  • This suggestion of boyfriend over skype: [3:25:37 PM] Shawn Utermohlen: i think that you should do a cover of dont trust a hoe on your harp. because obviously that is the kind of song people would like to hear played on a harp. lol
  • The fact that I get to see boyfriend this Sunday!!!! We're meeting for the day in between home and my college :D
  • I just bought a Silhoutte! EEEEEEHHHHH!!!
  • The "decorate your own cupcake" bar the cafeteria had this weekend

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  1. Love this post! Awkward moments are the best! How funny that you showed up on the google image search, I wish I was cool enough to end up there. It always trips me out when I see people/places I know pop up when I'm searching google.

  2. I just realized I posted my comment about this list on the wrong post. Add that to the awkward list.

  3. This is my favorite! I loved reading about the eyebrow wigging debacle,hahaha. Awkwardness is fun!