I'm a STYLISH Blogger!

The lovely Jennifer from Life, Crafts, and Whatever ....

Was sweet enough to nominate me for the Stylish Blogger Award!!!

She probably didn't see my post with me wearing my snuggie.  Then maybe we could have a chat about style. :P

Anyway. I'm super pumped! Thanks so much Jennifer :)

Here are the rules that come with the Award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Here are my 7 things about myself:

1. I play the harp. I've been playing for about six years, and just bought a legit big pedal harp.  On occasion I have been know to hug and kiss this instrument. And when I say on occasion, I mean a lot. These puppies are not cheap to buy.  But, I got a good deal on mine and have a good payment plan worked out for it. I love to play :)

2. I just studied abroad last semester. I lived in Nantes, France for a little under four months, and had a BLAST being immersed in another culture. I also loved traveling while I was abroad: I went to Ireland, England, Italy, and Spain.  I will always remember this super fun experience, and really can't wait until I can go back! 

3. I'm a college gal graduating in less than a year. I have enough credits in so I'm graduating a semester early.  When people ask me why, I say to save $10,000 tuition buckaroos, but really it's so I can get MARRIED to boyfriend. :)  I've enjoyed college, but I'm ready to move on with life.

Just chilling out around campus looking fancy smanchy 

4. I can't wait to be married and have babies. Whenever I see babies I squeal. Audibly. New mothers probably get freaked out by me.  I used to want to be some high-powered career woman, but now I just want to graduate, get married, enjoy life for awhile, and then have BABIES. And maybe stay home with them. I secretly get jealous of all those bloggers who are married and in school or are cute, young, stay at home moms. Cause they're everywheeerrreee.  

Me and my niece. Love her!

5. I love squirrels. Some people may see them as rodents. I see them as the most adorable-fuzzy-wuzziy-cutie-pies ever.  I really wish I could have one as a pet. 

6. I have a big butt. My roommates freshman year nicknamed me Becca Butt.  Jeans are an issue. Tights are an issue.  Cat-calls from construction workers are an issue. 

Mimicking is the best form of flattery...(yes those are pillows in my old roommates pants)
7. I'm a big girly girl. I love pink. Practically everything I own is pink.  I'm not very good at controlling my emotions and cry at practically every movie I see.  I have a shoe addiction. And a dress addiction. And a bead addiction. And now a newfound crafting supply addiction. Uh oh. 

This is my closet....after I took out all my clothes to bring to college.  I love shopping :)
Well that was fun :)

Here is who I have chosen to give the award to!

Have fun you stylish ladies!


  1. oh glory! Thank you so much! I am so happy about this :) I will have to get workin on this post today! :)

  2. A big congrats to you and thanks so much for nominating me! I truly appreciate it. That is so cool that you play the harp, it's such a beautiful instrument! What are you studying in school?

  3. I'm an entrepreneurship major and a communications minor :)

  4. Thanks so much! Was just coming to tell you I gave you one! lol


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  6. Oh man, pressure! Thanks for the nomination!

  7. Ummm yeah. I have a snuggie too. The obnoxious, zebra striped one. we can bask in our snuggie awesomeness together!

  8. I just found out I will get out a semester early too! I was asked the same question with the same reply- wife part and all. :) I too love kiddos, but my real love is squirrels. I squeal for squirrels! :)