Addicted to Polyvore

Have you guys ever checked out Polyvore? I recently discovered it thanks to one of my real life bffs Morgee and am now addicted to creating outfits on it.

For the record, Polyvore is a website that lets you design your own outfits using clothes and accessories from real stores. No, mom, it is not like polyester, and no I am not addicted to wearing stockings all the time now. But, good guess... haha :) Also, you can search for clothes/accessories by brand, price, type, and COLOR which is totally awesome for obsessive compulsive clothes matchers like me :)

So I recently created some outfits and thought I would share!

Outfit #1: Sweet Peach

Easter Peach Colors

I totally want this dress. And will most likely buy it because it's only 20 bucks!!! I also loveeee those shoes, but they are 40. boo. I wish I owned all of these things, I'd wear them for Easter.

Outfit #2: Mocha Gold Espresso
Beige Button Dress

I'm loving the gold/peach colors lately.  Does this look too monotone? 

Outfit #3: Polka Dot Passion

Polka Dot and Red
I'm not really a red kinda gal, I think the color looks funny on me. But maybe red accessories would be a better route to go??

Outfit #4: Edgy Floral
Pink and Purple Floral Dress

I saw this dress actually in Charolotte Russe and thought to myself, I could see myself getting engaged in this dress. Hahahah. Is that weird??  I think you could dress it down too with just some sandals, hair down, etc. 

If you guys couldn't tell, I have a thing for dresses... I'm also really lame when it comes to naming my outfit creations.

I think I will be visiting a mall over Easter break. shhhh. don't tell boyfriend. or my mother. for some reason they think that the 20+ dresses I currently own is enough. ;)

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  1. I love Polyvore too. I made an outfit and it's weird, it looks exactly like what I wore when I was 17. LOL

  2. #1 and 3 are my faves. I was wondering how everyone puts together fab outfits. WHat a great tool! Oh- and HELLO_ next stop- Forever 21. I knew their accessories were cheap- but not THAT cheap. Awesome!

  3. shout out!! holla! ;-)

  4. Love your choices! I love polyvore too, could spend waaaay too much time on there!