Panties Panties Everywhere: Lingerie Shower

Today my school friends threw me a lingerie shower out at my college!

Yay! They had yummy pink snacks like cake balls and pink lemonade. 

Ohh lots of little present boxes!! :)

We played the classic wedding dress from toilet paper game...mine was just a little see through at the bottom haha. You can't really tell but mine had a braided belt with toilet paper flowers on it and everything!

And then of course I got lots of fun little presents!! I only know of two guys who read this blog, one being my fiance and one just another friend (hi Greg!) so I don't feel tooo embarrassed posting a picture of me with a zebra thong... 
One of my bridesmaides also wrote down all my reactions when opening the gifts and read them back at the end saying "These are some things Becca might say on her wedding night..." Hah! Some of the favorites were
-"I don't know where to start!"
-Whoo Whoo! Lot at that, it moves!"
-"I don't know how this works exactly..."
-"Is this supposed to be in the front?"
-"Oh boy. I think it will fit too"

Here are some of the gifts I got. Never have I ever received so much underwear in my life!!

Fun times. I can't believe I will only be out here at school for 16 more days...then graduation!!! And then a wedding and honeymoon where I can bring all of these great presents along too!! :)


  1. ooooh la la! Love all of the stuff - so fun!! You've got some sweet friends :)

  2. Such a fun shower. Those kind are really fun when thrown by your friends!

  3. "Is this supposed to be in the front?" Hahaha!

  4. Fun, fun!! It's getting closer!! I graduated from college in December too!

  5. Sounds like a super fun party. Love the pretty pink knickers with black lace. You are going to have a fun honeymoon~

  6. I love how she read back your reactions! What a fun idea, I'll have to use that next time a friend gets married. Love the red satin top.

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