My Christmas Wish List

PINK Wedding Decorations- Pink Rose FLOWER Pattern Japanese Washi Tape Set of 3
Washi Tape from the the Pretty Tape etsy shop

Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel
Before I Go to Sleep for my kindle- looks like a good mystery!!

DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen
Embroidery Transfer Pen - good stocking stuffer!
Deep Organizer Box With 50 Plastic Bobbins
Embroidery Floss Organizer - my threads are SO messy right now.  
Sheet Metal for Jewelry Making

Diamond files for filing down the sheet metal
Fine Curved Nose Beading Pliers, 5-1/2 Inches
New Needle Nose Pliers, mine are so beat up. 

Fiskars 95237097 3-Piece Quilting Set
Fabric Cutting Kit (to use with my sewing machine I got for my birthday!)

Gingher G-8 8-Inch Knife-Edge Dressmaker's Shears
Good Fabric Scissors
Clover 463 Seam Ripper
Seam Ripper - Another good stocking stuffer
More of my favorite perfume - Desire by Victoria's Secret

And that's all that's currently on my Amazon Wish List! Lot's of crafty items. 
What's that? Your whole entire family doesn't make Amazon wish lists so everyone gets something they actually want for Christmas? Phhhff. You are soooo behind the times :)

So since most of that other stuff averaged about $10 each...I got some requests from soon-to-be-family-members to add more items haha. So, I browsed around the Target dress section and have happily added the following:

Mossimo® Women's Raglan Belted Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Belted Dress

Xhilaration® Juniors Body Con Dress - Black.Opens in a new window
Sparkle Neckline
Merona® Women's Cowl Neck Sweater Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Sweater Dress

Pretty things!!! I love making my wish list :)


  1. Practical, like wedding or baby registries, huh?

  2. Oooh, I better make an Amazon list.

  3. Oh! Great ideas! I need that fabric cutting gift!!

    And I just bought the sparkle neckline dress! :) Great minds think alike!

  4. Um, so instead of writing my own list this year I am just stealin yours!

  5. ohhhh that tape!!! I want it so bad!! new visitor, nancy :)

  6. Ooh, great choices! I love the washi tape and belted dress.

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