Puffy Paint Tank

My tutorial from this week was inspired by this amazing tank top found over at Alisa Burke. I loved it so much, and it looked easy enough so I thought I would give it a go!

-tank top (got mine for $4 at Walmart)
-one or two colors of puffy paint


Step 1: Secure your tank top down to your workspace, and make sure you have something between the two layers so the paint won't bleed through.

Step 2: Start applying puffy paint!! I started with little dots all along the neckline,

 Then added some "U" shapes

Some little dots in pink, some big dots in gold,

Expanded at the center,

Let it dry for awhile, and then I had a cute new tank top!! Totally unique too, won't spot anyone else on campus with this shirt!!

It would look better if I was tan. Sigh. Summer needs to come soon so I can get rid of this pasty skin!!!

I'll be linking this project up to all the parties in my header :)

My Trip to England

In honor of the royal wedding going on today...I thought I would share some pictures from my weekend trip to England last semester!! In case you missed it, I studied abroad in France last semester and got to travel around a bunch, which was a blast.

One trip was a weekend trip to England.  When I mean weekend I mean like... 2 and a half days. That was it. TOTALLY worth it though.  Two other guys from my program, Ryan and Eric, and I went on the fun little excursion. Here are some pics of the trip!

PS: If you don't want to see the touristy photos skip to the end to see some funny quirky ones :)

Just about to cross the border for my first time ever!!! Pretty sure this picture was illegal to be taking...whoops....

Riding in a classic English double decker bus 

 We visited the changing of the guards....very hectic. Lots of people crowded around a little fence to see the fuzzy heads.

London has lots of pretty parks...I loved this homeless guy playing with squirrels since I love them so much haha.

This is the closet I got to one of those non-moving guard types.  He wiggled his nose a couple times...I was disappointed to say the least.

What trip to London isn't complete without a photo booth picture???

....and a visit to Big Ben...

Fact: it costs a ridiculous amount of money to go into most of the touristy site in London.  So we would walk to the place...take a picture from the outside...then leave. However, the British Museum was free so we could go in! Saw the Rosetta Stone. I feel so much more intelligent now. I could go out and learn 12 new languages RIGHT NOW...right???

Also saw some real live ...er I mean dead...mummies.

 Saw the Tower Bridge

And London Bridge! Which is actually really lame looking compared to the Tower Bridge. Why do we all sing a song about this particular bridge?? It's just a concrete stretch across a river...not pretty at all.

Keeping things classy 

And had some good times in the hostel room.  Hostels are definitely  an experience...but overall I had a really good time staying in them. Meet some fun people, and you can't beat the price!!

Now...Fun Facts about London/the English

Apparently it's Happy Christmas...not Merry Christmas

I think London Bridge is going to fall down again...look at these cracks!!!

Apparently they have a large population of humped pelicans

They also apparently think everyone from PA like me belongs in a psychiatric ward....

And their bidet/toilets combos apparently are not easy to understand for American boys....no...he did not pee his pants...just had a little run in with a bidet... 

Other highlights of the trip:
-Saying words with accents like prooooogress and scccchule 
-Airport worker looking at my umbrella going through the scanner and saying "Were you expecting rain love??"
-Riding the tube. Don't I sound so cool? "Oh, let's just take the tube to Camden Town." No big deal.
 -ALMOST being cut off from my friends at the tube doors, and them having to force the doors to stay open so I could get on. I saw the doors closing...wanted to move...body wouldn't...it was like a bad dream!! Eventually I snapped out of my funk and hopped on real fast so I would not be stranded alone in the city...
-Singing the Glee version duet of Don't Stop Believing with the Karaoke man at a bar. I felt soooo cool.
-Listening to little English children talk. THEY HAVE THE CUTEST ACCENTS EVER.

Haha. That's all.  Happy Royal Wedding Day!

What I Wore Wednesday #12

Your Whims Wednesday link party is still going strong! Link up here. Also don't forget about my giveaway for the Glam Girl painting! Still pretty low entries, so you had a good shot at winning!

Here's some outfits from...kind of the last week.  Getting engaged threw off my normal posting cycle.

 Scarf: France. Sweater: California. Purple Shirt: Rue 21. Jeans: Old Navy. Flats: Aeropastel. Ring: I made.

 Shirt: Kohls. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: DSW.

Fact: every time I wear this shirt I worry that my old roomie, who owns the same one, will be wearing it too.

Dress: Old Navy. Necklace: I made. tutorial here! Shoes: Payless 

PS. I got my hair cut between this picture and the last one...can you tell? Sigh, no not really haha. It's just a weee bit shorter length/bangs with a little more layers now.

 Dress: France! Necklace: American Eagle.

Yes, I know my shoes don't match. I really need some cute sandals for this new warm weather we are getting....hmm....must go shopping :)

Fun fact: this dress has buttons all up the back. According to my roommate, this makes it "sexy." Never knew buttons had such power...

Oh ya know...just sporting the new diamond.... eeeeeehhhh!! :D 

I'm linking up to to What I Wore Wednesday here,  No Model Lady here, and Momma Go Round here.

Your Whims Wednesday #4 {And Features}

It's party time!!

Here are some of my favorites from the party last week: 

This lamp done by Ntsuab blew me away!! Isn't it beautiful!!??

Loving the  B&W pattern & pink edging on this kindle case by Flexible Dreams. I want one for my kinde!!

These bird canvases done by Fabulously Flawed turned out so cool!!

Isn't this little birdie embroidery done by Tinkeranniebelle too cute??

And check it out, the border to this mirror made by Moms of all Trades was made from JENGA BLOCKS!! Never would have guessed.

And there were so many more fabulous projects! Grab a button if you were featured :)

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Your Whims Wednesday

Tiaras and Bowties GIVEAWAY {And a Winner}

My giveaway for this week is from Kim from Tiaras and Bowties!

Hi Kim!!!

Kim is a super talented painter who has just started to blog.  

Over at her blog, Kim gives tutorials for cute projects like these beautiful angels 

and shows off some of her painting creations like this Rooster Tea Cart!

Kim is kind enough to be giving away one of her very own painting creations to one of my lucky readers!

This is hand painted on stretched canvas frame,Think Smink original painting. All hand painted by Kim - freehand. No stencils used, just paint brush to canvas! Grey & silver stiletto heel pops off the Hot Pink background. It is framed with a fluffy textile black trim and painted zebra striping! The hanging ribbon of black, grey, pink coordinating trim is included. Measures approx. 12x18.

Isn't adorable??  Would be perfect to hang in a little girls room. Or, maybe your own. I'd hang it in my dorm room in a heart beat haha! We all need a good dose of zebra print and hot pink every now and again :)

So, if you would like a chance to win, here is what you gotta do!

Head over to Tiara and Bowties and leave a comment saying you were sent from My Girlish Whims and say hi!

Additional Entries
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Leave a comment for each entry, and make sure you are commenting in the right blog post please! Giveaway will be open until May 2nd at 11:59 PM, winner will be announced May 3rd. Best of luck!

And the winner of last weeks Little Country Bumpkins Giveaway is....

Emilee! Congrats. I'll be emailing you...

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