Guest Post: Flower Girl Crown from Wildflowers and Whimsy

Hi!  I'm April, and I blog over at Wildflowers & Whimsy!  I'm a wife, mommy, & homeschooler.  I love sewing, baking, photography, LSU football & a cold Coors Lite on Saturday nights (or the Saints on Sunday...ya' know...whatever), beach front views, old musicals, just about anything vintage, and I pretty much want to diy everything I see.  My mom says my first sentence was "I can do it myself", so I guess that's fitting..Most of the time I've got way too much on my plate, but I'm workin' on that.  I wish there were more Hepburn's and less Hilton's in the world.  My blog is my spot to share all my sewing projects, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment!  I hope you'll stop by and say hi!

I am super excited that Becca asked me to guest post while she is off getting hitched!  I had such fun planning my wedding seven years ago that I already want to renew my vows just so I can plan another one...especially since pinterest, but the hubby isn't being all that cooperative!  lol

I made the flower crown for the flower girl in my wedding, and today, I am going to share with you how to make one of your own!  After a few pics from my own wedding that is...

Awww...I love my hubby!  ; )

Me & my dad...

Dancing with my grandfather...

Now for the tutorial...These little flower crowns are super simple to make, and the possibilities are endless!  You can do handmade flowers or silk...even real flowers if you want.  You can put flowers only half way around and wear it like an actual crown.  Add ribbons, butterflies, whatever!...just let your imagination go nuts!

All you need is 20 gauge wire, flowers, and floral tape...

Figure out how big you want your crown (it should be just big enough to rest around the crown of the head), and make about 6 circles with the 20 gauge wire.

Wrap the floral tape around the wire circle until it is completely covered.

When you're done, it should look like this.

Now take the flowers and attach them to the wire circle at the stems using the floral tape.  Go all the way around the circle and your done!

Here's my daughter, Sophie in the finished product..sorry she's a bit of a mess...It was Mardi Gras!

Congrats Becca!  And thanks for having me!

Your Whims Wednesday #48

Time for another Your Whims Wednesday party!!

I'm actually off on my HONEYMOON(!!!) right now, so this is a scheduled post.  I will do double features next week though! 

So come on over and party it with me and link up while I'm in Jamaica!!!

Your Whims Wednesday

Onto this weeks party!

I show off my girlish whims weekly on my blog, and now I want to see yours with 
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Guest Post: Wedding Headband from Family Ever After

Hello friends! I'm Rachel (from Family Ever After), and I'm very excited for Rebecca! She's getting married! I'm so happy she asked me to help her celebrate and guest post on her lovely blog. I've been enamored by all the fun projects she's had up her sleeve to decorate for the big day, and I can't wait to see pictures!

I love weddings. My special man and I have been married for 8 years.

Do you know what French Netting is? It's this gorgeous lacy stuff and I've always wanted to use it in a project. (I bought mine here). So I decided I'd make myself a wedding-inspired headband, to wear just for the heck of it!

So here's the tutorial in pictures!

(I bought my headband here, and the French Netting here).

You can make this however you want, with any number and arrangement of flowers, and any embellishments. My embellishments are pears and scrapbooking brads.
(I always find an excuse for added French flair).

Happy, happy wedding dear friend!!!

Guest Post: Wedding Hair Styles from Ma Nouvelle Mode

I am so excited to be here, I can't even tell you!  I met Rebecca way back when I first started blogging.  She is so super cute, nice, fun, amazing jewelry maker, and very inspirational!  But then you already know that, don't you, you're here already!  And to top it off, she lived in France for a semester and I am living in France now, something in common!  And seriously, you don't understand the French until you're here.  Even then, it's kinda confusing.

So let me quickly introduce myself.  My name is Natalia & I am half of the dynamic duo at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  We (my partner is Christie) blog about fashion, hair, makeup, beauty, some DIY and recipes. Basically, what inspires us which is a lot!  Since our main topics are fashion and beauty, and Becca asked us to share something wedding related, I thought, what a better post to share then some ideas of how to wear your hair for weddings!

Here are some ideas for different ways to wear your hair for any weddings or special events you will be attending - casual or fancy!

1.) Try some braids!  Side braids, braided buns, fishtails, there are really so many options.  The great thing about braids is that you can dress them up or dress them down to match the formality of the event you are attending.  Here are some examples of braided dos I have done before.

2.) Sleek and classy.  Bust out the straightener!  For this particular look, make sure you hair is well conditioned and looks healthy.  It will defeat the purpose (the purpose being looking fabulous) if you hair is dried out and stringy.  If you have this type of hair, maybe try another look.

3.) Buns.  You can buy this nifty little sponge that goes in your hair to create the perfect bun.  It takes less than 5 minutes. Wear it up high with some cat eyes and bold lips and you will be instantly fabulous.  Or you can wear it down low and to the side for a more casual, classy look.  Buns are easy even without the nifty sponge thing - tease a bit, twist! Voila!

4.) Perfect the messy bun.  There is an art here, ladies, to the messy bun.  It can be done fast, but you might want to put in a little more effort than just tossing it up on your head.  Try sectioning your hair into three or four sections closer to your neck and twist them individually.  Then make sure they are just connected with bobby pins in the finished products.  Best part about the messy bun?  It doesn't have to look perfect!

5.) Big sexy curls.  This one might be my favorite because I may or may not love big hair.  You can do this several ways, depending on your hair type.
  • Sleep with you hair in little buns all over your head.  Take them out in the morning for some                    luscious waves.  
  • Put in hot rollers, allow them to set until cool, spray with hairspray then remove.  Tease the top and hairspray some more for some big bouncy curls.  
  • You may be young and single and have more time (or your kids are really well behaved) and want to curl with a curling iron.  Although I love the outcome, I am neither of the above so this doesn't happen much for me.  Curl sections of hair individually and let them set.  Leave the curls untouched until they have completely cooled.  The runs your fingers through them to loosen them up, tease a little at the top, spray, flip your head over and spray some more!

That's all I have for you today!  There are tutorials for these styles over on my blog if you want to check out my hair tutorials section.  I also have some makeup tutorials to complete your look!

Thanks for reading!  If you stop by my place, say hi!  I love meeting new people!

Guest Post: Pre-Wedding Bliss DIY by Sunshine Studio

While I'm off on my honeymoon I'm having some fun bloggers do some wedding-themed guest posts! Enjoy :)

Thank you Rebecca for letting me guest post today! I'm wishing you lots of Wedding Bliss!

Hi! I'm Shanti of Sunshine Bliss. I'm a jewelry designer as well as a Licensed Esthetician for over nine years! I wanted to share some of my tips I've given Brides to be over the years! They do work!!

Is their such a thing as pre-wedding bliss? Well there should be and can be!

You totally deserve & need to enjoy everrrrry minute of one of the most important moments in your life!

Savor, relax, languish and take in every wonderful, funny, silly, sweet, dramatic, topsy turvy moment that WILL come your way during the process!

Here's a list you can do Ala Carte or the whole shebang!

I recommend 3 months Prior to Wedding Date (sooner or later!):

-take 10-15 minutes everyday to just sit and be. Fake it if you have too. Listen to your breath, start out with some deep breaths at first then regular breathing. Close your eyes, imagine your day full of bliss, joy & peace.

-Do a weekly spa treatment. Mix up organic coconut oil and Sea Salt in glass container for a luxurious scrub.
Put drops of lavender oil in a Epsom Salt bath & relax. Follow with a warm shower after you apply the scrub.

-drink 10-14 8 ounces of water daily. With lemon. Will make your skin GLOW!

-write a daily simple gratitude list. Before bed or upon waking.

-be in nature as often as possible, by river, forest or beach and journal while you're there.

-keep up daily workout program if you don't have one daily walks, yoga and Pilates are great choices.

-when you feel stress taking over take deep breaths, count to 10. If that doesn't work excuse yourself go into bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror and repeat I'm at peace till you feel it.

-scream therapy is wonderful way to release frustration! Do it into a pillow, at beach to the waves, forest to the trees!

-have your girls from the wedding party do a Spa DIY Day

-write a letter to your inner child. About your wedding day and all the dreams you've had for it. Tell her that you are making them come true. Be detailed!

-hug & kiss & cherish your future hubby. Leave him love notes & ask him if he'd like to join in on some of your pre wedding bliss fun!

Try at least one idea on the list daily! I promise it will make a big difference on your wedding day!
So you can have Wedding Bliss instead of Wedding Stress!

I'm Getting Married in the Morning

Like really, I am.

The center pieces are set up.

Nails painted.

Dress ready.

Bridesmaids sleeping over. 

Mind a little swimmy from wine and giggles and nail painting

So here's to tonight. 

The last night this bed will be my own. 

The last night I will sleep alone.

Here's to being single and so young for a few more hours.

Because tomorrow, my whole life will change, but I know it will be for the better.

Here's to the man who loves my love handles.

Who thinks I look cute when I wear my glasses.

Who kisses me on my nose and calls me his cuddly koala.

Here's to a lifetime of love, of fights, of joys, of sorrows, of memories, of journeys.

Here's to not caring that I have five different shades of "eggplant purple" at the reception. 

That the church doesn't have any flower arrangements in the front. 

That the bar tab is not unlimited.

Here's to celebrating what tomorrow is really about: that I get to marry the best man I have ever come to know.

Here's to bawling my eye's out as I walk down the aisle and during our first dance like I KNOW I will.

Here's to runny mascara and the little zit on my forehead and those 15 pounds I never lost.

Here's to saying I do and making a vow. To keeping that vow my whole life.

Here's to you, Shawn. To the love I have for you and the love you have for me.  

Here's to creating our story.  Creating our lives. Creating us.

Here's to getting married in the morning <3

Love you bloggy buddies! Thank you for your support in this journey I've been on! I'll be back in a little over a week, and in the mean time I have some great guest posts lined up. I'll be checking back in soon as a Mrs.!!!

Your Whims Wednesday #47 {And Features}

Time for another Your Whims Wednesday party!!

Your Whims Wednesday

 Here are some of my favorite link-ups from last week:

Pallet Heart Tutorial by I Should be Mopping the Floor

Framing in a Wall Mount TV by Remodelaholic 

Burlap Rosette Frame by Laughter and Grace

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Featured on My Girlish Whims

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Sunshine Bliss Bracelet Winner

The winner of the Sunshine Bliss Bracelet is....

Sarah! I'll be emailing you! Congrats!

If you didn't win you can still check out the Sunshine Bliss etsy shop HERE!

DIY Wedding Table Numbers


Ahhh!! I'm getting married in five days!! And I'm so much less stressed now because I think I FINALLY have all my wedding crafts done or almost done!! Hallelujah. I don't think I'm going to make any more fabric or tissue paper flowers for a lonnnnggggg time. 

I have a few more projects to share with you.  We'll see how many I have time to get in before the week gets crazy (we're settling on our house on Wednesday!) and I gotta pack for Jamaica sometime!!

For the longest time I could NOT figure out what to do for my table numbers.  I was talking to a friend about it (hi Ashlea!) and like the next day she texted me while at IKEA.  She found these frames from IKEA for only 99 cents each! I told her to snatch me up 20!
The white really didn't match my colors so I broke out the spray paint and gave them a nice coating.
I FINALLY bought a spray paint holder thing-a-ma-bob: BEST $2.50 I've spent. My finger didn't hurt from pressing down on the spray tab and my hands didn't get all dirty! Such a great purchase.

After they were spray painted silver they looked so nice!

I cut out numbers for all the tables using my trusty Silhouette :)

And then cut out paper inserts to slide into the frame.

I used some tacky glue to put the numbers on, and voila!

All three of my colors: purple, pink and silver.  And cheap too! 

Can't wait to go up to the reception site Friday and set everything up!