Pinterest: The Newlywed's Cookbook

So, before I got married, I never really HAD to cook real meals.  Most of the time when I lived at home with my parents I cooked my own food, but it consisted of easy things like grilled cheese, mac n cheese, egg sandwiches, really classy stuff like that haha.

But so after this whole marriage thing happened I wanted to branch out and start cooking real food for the Hubby and myself! I've actually been having a lot of fun doing it and think it's all turned out pretty well if I do say so myself :)

Anywho, when I plan what I want to make for dinners I turn guessed it! Pinterest :)  

Thought I'd share with you some of the recipes I've found and enjoyed so far!!

                                                                      Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

ohh momma was this good.  Here's a crappy phone pic from when I made it:

I made this when some of my friends from home were on break from college (man I'm glad I graduated!) and it served six people with absolutely no leftovers haha.

                                                                Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

I don't really like tomato sauce and hubby LOVES artichokes so when I saw this recipe I knew it would go over well :) I served this last night when we had another couple over and there was lots of yummms from all around.  Not the healthiest recipe around though - two whole packs of cream cheese went into it!

Mexican Dorito Casserole 
                                                                         Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

Yes, this casserole actually has DORITOS in it haha! Well, mine had the off brand tostingos fandagas festitos i-can't-remember-the-giant-off-brand-version-name but basically they were doritos. Hubby really enjoyed it - next time around I would add onions to the recipe though.

Tortilla Roll-Ups
                                                                 Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

I made these with green tortillas and served them at my St. Patrick's Day Party. Very yummy

                                                               Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

Potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Can I get an amen?? hah. Never had made these before, but they were surprisingly easy and did not take to long to make (if you microwave the potatoes instead of baking them originally - then it would take awhile!)

And the absolute FAVORITE recipe I tried....

Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Ranch Dressing

                Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

These babies are GOOD. Hubby was VERY happy with me the night that I made these :) You marinate the pork in coke and brown sugar, funky right? But it turned out delicious.  My only qualm with this recipe is that is claims it is "super easy" and I mean, it's not hard to make but it's a little time consuming.  You have to marinate the pork overnight. Then cook it in the crock pot for three hours. Then shred it and make another sauce and cook for two more hours.  This would really work best for a day when you are home all day.  Here's my crappy phone pic version:

(That cilantro-ranch dressing was VERY good too)

So that's what I've been cooking lately! Do you have a food board on Pinterest? Leave a link to in the comments and I'll make sure to follow you :) You can find all my boards HERE.


  1. This is making me hungry:) I will have to try out some of these recipes, especially the sweet pork tacos! Those really sound delish!!!

  2. If we lived together we'd weight 800 lbs. Apiece. We both love cheese, it looks like. :)

  3. ugh these look AMAZING! You're not helping me with my Weight Watchers goals...ahhh!!

  4. great share, those looks delicious :D

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  5. I love Pinterest for finding recipes. I definitely have a food board.

  6. You are so good at being married!!!!! :)