Fall Leaf Wreath

 After making my first fall wreath for my front door, I was in a wreath making mood! Using supplies from the dollar store I made another mini wreath to display in my family room.

Dollar Store Fall Leaf Wreath

For this mini wreath I used about two packages of fall leaves and a mini wreath form, all from the dollar store. Only other supply you need is some hot glue!

First thing I did was cover the whole wreath with leaves wrapped around the form so none of the wreath form was showing.

To make the wreath look a little more appealing, I then went around and just hot glued leaves to the front of the form.

After I went all the way around the form, my wreath was done!

I hung it on a old window pane on my new shelves in my family room. The reveal of all the shelf decor will be coming soon - now I think I've done a tutorial for all the DIY items I did for them!!

Now that it's officially fall I totally don't feel bad about posting all of my fall project!

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  1. I love this wreath! It's so simple but so pretty, thank you for sharing :) Hope you have a great week!,

    -Kayla :)

  2. so simple and elegant, I have almost no fall decorations so this would be perfect!

  3. So cute! Who would have guessed it was made from dollar store items?

  4. Love it! What would we do without the Dollar Store?? I think it's my fav store to just wander through and not feel guilty if I pick up something not on my list!

  5. Oh oh, my house needs this! So simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Popping by from Naptime Crafters...check out my wrapping paper at http://thehandleyhome.blogspot.com/2012/09/bee-wrapping-paper.html if you get a chance!

  6. Looks great! I just hit up the Dollar Tree today and it's amazing what awesome supplies you can find there for well, a $1. :-)

  7. Lovely idea! I will have to pick up some of these leaves so I can make one for my front door.

    Stopping by from Southern Lovely: Show & Share