It's My Birthday and my Site Got Hacked! Ah!

UPDATE: Problem is fixed!

So, I'm getting some crazy bad things going on with my site...apparently Google has labeled it as harmful all of a sudden? I don't know WHAT is going on but I my techy husband will be working on it this weekend so please bear with me!!!

In other is my Birthday! The big 22

Ok. I guess 22 isn't really a big number. But to me, it sounds much more mature than 21 does, lol!

I had a GREAT 21st year. I knew it was the start of something good when some friends and I went out to dinner for my birthday and my friend Lindsay shyly started off our evening with large margaritas for everyone  :)

21 is the age I graduated college

Got a job and became Realtor

And of course, so much more.  Personally, I think that was all quite a lot to accomplish in one year though!!!

I can't wait to start out on this near year, I love the spot I'm in right now and am looking forward to just being content with life as it is for now :)

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  1. Wow, I'd say that was a lot to do in one year! How are you going to top that year, lol!

  2. Happy Birthday! You sure accomplished a lot in one year! Sorry about your site getting hacked...that kind of stinks!

  3. Belated Happy 22! Not a very auspicious start, but what a year to follow. I waited for the hack to be fixed, not knowing how bad it was. 22. For me that was 55 years ago. Am I your oldest follower? My body reminds me of my age, plus a couple decades at times, but my brain, that's another story. I look at what you make and want to wear it, then wonder if I'm too old, LOL