Happy Halloween - I'm Alive and Well!

Happy Halloween from Clint Eastwood and a 50s homemaker!!!!

Definitely is a different Halloween than many for us out in PA because of Hurricane Sandy. My prayers are with everyone who lives more coastal than us...the flooding in NJ and NY truly is devastating.

We were lucky enough to get by with no major problems. Our house kept power the whole time. The worst thing that happened to us was our gutter got detached and the top of our porch lamp flew away. No big deal at all.

Hubby's parents had a huge tree fall down in their yard. Luckily it was no where near the house, but it did fall onto another big tree in the yard. The men in the family decided they would try to save the other tree and TOOK A CHAINSAW TO THE FALLEN TREE IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE. Literally. The wind was crazy. I was so mad. Men do the stupidest things.  Everyone is ok but I just had horrible images of the chainsaw becoming airborne or other trees falling and squashing my sweet (but in this instance incredibly stupid) husband.

Other than that, we were lucky. There are actually a ton of people around here still without power. Lots of downed trees and wires. Lots of food that had to be thrown away. Lots of flooded basements. It stinks, but I have not heard many/any reports of deaths around here or serious injuries.Could have been a lot worse. I feel very blessed to personally have been so unaffected.

Anyone else get hit? Hope you all are well!!!
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