It's been a little while since I did an InstaFriday so I have a bunch to share! If you're on instagram i'm mygirlishwhims if you'd like to follow. Leave a comment with yours!

I got to do some crafting at work this week! BEST THING EVER. We're doing a Christmas parade and I was put in charge of making a festive sign. I used the work projector for my crafty project :)

A few weeks ago Joanns had felt on sale for $3 a yard! So much cheaper than buying all those little sheets. I stocked up in Christmas colors for Christmas crafts! (You can see I originally only bough half a yard of red and white, but then later went back since it was SO cheap and got more!)

CAT GOT BLOWN AWAY IN HURRICANE SANDY. :( At least I think so. She was a stray I had been feeding. Every morning and every night she would be waiting for me on the patio. Now it's very empty and makes me sad :(

Since Cat has been gone I borrowed my parents dog for the week for some animal interaction. Poor dog, he always thinks that putting your sneakers on means it's walk time. Too bad he doesn't understand what a treadmill is!!!

A little while back this fall we took my niece to a corn maze. Here's hubby holding her hand so she doesn't slip in the mud. So cute. He'll make a good dad one day :)

Nieces are the best!! Great way to get your baby fix it :)

It's getting chilly around here! Time to break out all my fun tights :) Also, this angle makes my legs look like rhino-size legs

Hubby loves when I make comfort food maybe this is why I have rhino legs  mhhh Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes!!

Also, speaking of food, we FINALLY used our meat tenderizer for tenderizing meat! We've been married eight months but so far have only used this things as a hammer. Or a potato masher. Many uses besides meat haha.

And lastly still on food...I LOVE brussel sprouts. I never had them until I was older and they are so delicious!!! However, now that our house is all closed up for winter the smell is a problem. The morning after I cooked these I sat up in bed and STILL smelled brussel sprouts. bleck.

So there's a little peek into the little things in my life :) Have a good weekend everyone!! I'm planning on doing lots of Christmas crafts!!!

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