The One with Way too Many Pictures of my Dog

So, if you missed THIS POST Hubby and I added a new member to our family a little bit ago.

He's a four month old goldendoodle named Jefferson and oh has he captured my heart :)

I just thought I'd share a few more pictures of him SINCE HE'S SO DANG CUTE!!!

These are all cell phone pics, so excuse the crappy quality!

So handsome with his little folded paws

He loves snoozing on the couch with us on weekends

Hubby and Jefferson napping. (I do not have the napping skill in me) Jealous!!

Snuggling on hubby

We also spoil him and snuggle him before bed (I posted this on instagram with hastag #notmyhairyboob ...just in case there were any questions...) Just look at that face!

As a puppy he is still SUCH a little trouble maker. Just take this little gem-of-a-picture: he was being too quiet so I investigated and found him in the laundry room eating his food bag!! Guilty!

He also has a thing for paper product. Ugh.

 This picture is just from this morning. Just hanging out in hub's beanie.

He's gotten so big already! Look at this body:

I wanted him to stay his puppy size forever!

Oh well, he's still adorable :) Still has a long way to go with training, but at least there has MOSTLY been less poop & pee on my carpets as of late. 

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  1. Awwwwww he is adorable! My son is really wanting a puppy, maybe one day!


  2. He's so cute!!! I love labradoodles, and your golden one is such a little charming guy :-)

  3. Oh--he is just adorable! You can never have too many pictures :)

  4. He looks so cuddly. Fur babies are my weakness. Is he a rescue?