Chunky Yellow Bead & Chain Necklace

I've got another fun jewelry tutorial for you all today with supplies from Prima Beads! I LOVE this website because they offer free shipping, which most bead sites do NOT offer.  It kills me to pay $3+ for shipping for tiny beads!! Here's the pretty necklace I came up with to share:

I do NOT wear yellow (looks horrible on me) hence I don't normally buy yellow beads! But for some reason these yellow beads just CALLED to me online so I had to order them. I'm so glad that I did because they made such a pretty necklace!

The two most important supplies are the big beads and chain. Here are the direct links to Prima Bead for them. They are great prices too: $3.75 for the beads and $4.00 for the chain!

15pc Acrylic Facet Oval - Jewelry Basics Acrylic
18in Double Oval Chain An Gold - Jewelry Basics Chain

18in Double Oval Chain An Gold - Jewelry Basics Chain 
Besides the beads and chain you will also need spacer beads, beading wire, crimp beads, jump rings, a clasp, as well as needle nose pliers and wire cutters. You can find all of these online at Prima Bead or at a local craft store.


First step is to cut a piece of beading wire with wire cutters to string the beaded part of the necklace on.

Next, attach a jump ring to the end of the chain (If you use a chain that only has one link on the end, you can skip this step.  However my chain has two links on it so I used a jump ring so I could crimp my wire onto a stable surface!)

Next, use a crimp bead to attach the beading wire to the jump ring.

String on the beads! I alternated small/big bead and put a metal spacer bead in between.

Add a jump ring onto the other side and crimp the other side of the beading wire to it.  Use your wire cutters to trim excess wire.

 Now all that is left is to add the clasp! Find the center of the chain on the other side of the necklace and cut a link using wire cutters.

Use jump rings to attach a toggle clasp. Make sure your metals match better than mine do. Hey, the clasp is in the back, no one will ever see it!!! :)

Complete! Look at these pretty beads!! (Maybe just a true jewelry making nut oggles over beads like I do!!)

I love the chunky chain against the chunky beads.

I'm so glad you came into my life little yellow beads :) Now...for everyone who CAN wear yellow...this necklace is available for sale in my etsy shop.!

Happy Beading!

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  1. Gorgeous Rebecca! I normally don't wear yellow either but there's something about a pale yellow that appeals to me.

  2. This turned out great!


  3. This is so elegant and pretty! I like the subtle yellow. It probably takes on a different shade depending on the shirt you are wearing

  4. THanks, I love your designs. I made your Valentine necklace for my daughter. She loved it. I just ordered these beads and chain to make this one. You are so kind to share your ideas with us. I think you are totally adorable!

  5. Hi! So happy to have just found you through TipJunkie! I've been really into making these kind of necklaces lately and I love how yours came out! I just made one too using pretty much the same technique:

  6. Rebecca,
    I made this and really love it. My daughter does too, but I want to ask why you split the chain and attach a toggle. The necklace fits over the head. Is it for aesthetics?

  7. NorasGranddaughter I think adding the clasp just makes it more professional looking, even if it really isn't needed :) personal preference though!

  8. Hi - I have similar sized chunky crystal beads - what kind/width/strength of beading wire did you use? The wire I have doesn't allow the beads to lay flat....thanks.


  9. @Wendy, I used a generic tiger tail beading wire, but if you want something good quality any type of beadalon should be good! probably about .12 or .15 size would be good. Happy Beading!