Bead Fest Finds 2013

I've blogged about what Bead Fest is here and some past finds here and so I just had to share what I bought this year as well :)

Basically Bead Fest is a HUGE bead show that comes to the Philadelphia area twice a year and is SUPER close to where I live.  And the show is KIND OF a big deal. Like people fly in and rent hotels to go to it. And it's only like 20 minutes from my house! awesome sauce

The show itself can be kind of overwhelming. The are always TONS of ladies milling around all the booths and fighting for space to dig through beads. I mean just look at this pile of heaven: $1 bead strands just piled and piled on tables!!!

Here's what I walked away with this year!

You could EASILY drop a couple hundred dollars at a show like this so I try to be responsible in my spending. I only dig through bead strands that are $4 or under a strand and I won't spend all afternoon at the show. Longer you're in there = more money you'll spend :) 

I'm happy with what I took home with this year though: I got some fun bright color beads (already have something made and ready for a tutorial with those turquoise beads!) and some nice neutrals and metal beads as well. I probably spent about $100 between the entrance cost and all the beads I got. Beads are not cheap I tell you! But Bead Fest only comes around every so often so I let myself splurge just a bit when it does :)

Here are some of the projects I made from my Bead Fest finds from last year:


MADE: Top Set of Red Beads- DIY Red Statement Necklace

MADE: Bottom Set of Blue Beads- Cobalt Blue Cluster Necklace 


 MADE: Right Set of Black Beads- Black & Gold Statement Bib Necklace


MADE: Black Briolettes on Left- Chunky Black Statement Necklace

Well that was fun to look back on :) Not too shabby! Although I still have a bunch of beads leftover from last year. Adding to my stash! Hopefully I use up more of this years beads and come up with TONS of great tutorials for you all in the process! Sounds like a plan? Ok :)


  1. Are you a bead whisperer? You take strands of beads and your imagination and turn them into treasures!
    Are the turquoise beads to go with your recent eShakti dress? :D

  2. I was able to go to the gem faire for the first time about a month ago. I was in heaven!! You have some really great pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Like! Wish we had something like that here...

  4. It's like a giant treasure hunt! I'm especially lovin' the magenta and turquoise beads you picked up. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  5. Can't wait to see your newest creations with your new supplies. Whenever a bead show comes to town I usually end up dropping $350. Needless to say I'm trying to limit the shows I go to now.