Fancy Scroll Frame Wall Art

While wandering around Michaels one time I found the base frame for this project.  I forget exactly how much it was, but it was under 15 bucks and I knew I could use it to make some statement wall art for our bedroom! 

Side note: after I picked this up I decided I needed to stop aimlessly wandering around the craft store or I would go broke...

Here's how I used it:

Fancy Frame Wall Art (Cheap & Easy Way)

 The frame came a natural wood color and I painted it black using craft paint.  I bought the frame on a whim but LUCKILY the insert was a common picture size.  I uploaded one of my wedding photos to Walmart online and got this print for about $6.  I mounted it onto a black poster board using rubber cement to be able to attach it to the frame.

I trimmed it down to be jusssst enough extra on each side to attach to the frame.

I just hot glued it down to the back side of the frame. Nothing easier than a little hot gluing :)

To hang it up, hubby just hammered a nail in the wall and hung the frame from the top scroll.  The frame is super light so there is not much weight to hold! Yeah, I'm a crafter, NOT a super great DIYer. I still have my hubby hammer my nails for me ;)

 We hung this on the front wall of our bedroom in between my new shelves. It looks a little lonely up there....but don't worry I already have some wall scones bought to add to the display. Scones? just kidding. That would be weird. Sconces. Man does that word look funny. nowiwannascone.

First thing hung in our bedroom after a year living here. At this rate we'll be all decorated in like...6 more years. Please try to contain your excitement :)

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  1. it looks great, good score! I am terrible for wandering round the craft shops thinking "hmmm, what can I buy"!

  2. Rebecca this turned out wonderful! Love the picture and the frame is fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Funday!

  3. I love those frames too! I have one ready to paint and don't even have a project in mind for it yet :)

  4. I love this frame! You did a wonderful job. I saw them in Michaels and debated about getting one and didnt. You have totally changed my mind!

  5. This is so cute! I've seen the frames and debated about whether to get some or not. I love the fancy scrolly look so I might just go for it. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday!!

  6. Well, actually I had no choice, as I know the recipient has a critical eye!delta