FINALLY Upgrading my Hair Dryer

Up until very recently, I've used the same hair dryer that I bought back in junior high.  I probably got it for 30 bucks at Walmart, and it's just kept on turning on and working since then, so I've kept using it!

I recently had the opportunity to review a salon grade hair dryer, and MAN did I find out what I've been missing out on all this time!

My first impression was wow- this hair dryer just LOOKS expensive.

And, I will be honest. It's not cheap. The HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer comes in just shy of $200. But you know what? It actually WORKS like a $200 hair dryer should!!!

This hair dryer is smaller than my old hair dryer, but MAN does it have more power!!! The motor on this little guy is banging. The motor has the longest life in the industry and the proprietary design of this hair dryer allows for the equivalent operation of 2300 Watts.

If you have thick hair you will LOVE this. The high setting on the hair dryer gets the job done fast!  Even if your hair is not super thick (like mine) you will still love it. I definitely have cut down on my hair time in the morning since I starting using the Hana Air.

I also appreciated the extra long power cord. Seems super random, but when it gets hot out I can't blow dry my hair in the bathroom or it will just heat up the whole room so I plug it in the bathroom and do it out in the hallway (am I the only who does this or am I just SUPER weird). The design of the hair dryer was also so sleek - it was light and small and just very easy to maneuver with while blow drying.

 So how did my hair look after blow drying???
Gorgeous! Even softer than normal too! My husband even petted my head after my first usage and gave his approval because my hair was so soft haha :)

I was provided this hair dryer for review from Misikko who is an online company which is STOCKED FULL of quality hair care products - just check out their selection of hair straighteners!
The hair dryer itself is made by Hana Salon - visit them to find out more about why this hair dryer is worth the price tag. Want to find out even more? Follow Misikko on facebook for great hair advice and for giveaways of their most popular products!

I received this product free of charge however all opinions are all my own.  I really liked this hair dryer, yo.

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  1. I am sooooo jealous! That is one beautiful piece of equipment! How long did it take you to dry your hair with this?