New Dress from eShakti's Spring Line

I just adore the clothes from eShaki. They have a little bit of a classy, retro vibe to them that just makes all of their pieces so special!

I've posted about them before and shared my love, so I was so excited to have the opportunity to try out an outfit again from eShakti's spring line! Here's the dress I picked out:

Isn't it so cute??? I picked this dress because of the cute details on the bust of this dress: it has double breasted buttons like a winter coat would have, and I just find that detail so adorable on this dress.

My only con about the dress was that I didn't have any jewelry to wear with it!! haha. What kind of necklace would look good with this neckline? Help me out so I can make something for the next time I wear it!

Back to the company behind the dress though...The best part about eShakti clothes are that you can get them custom made for your body. I've got a big booty and some big boobies too (hah!) and this dress keeps them both modestly covered because it was made for my specific measurements! Isn't that awesome? It doesn't stop there - most items of clothing offer custom styling as well. So if you liked this dress but wanted it longer or shorter or with a different length of sleeve, they can make it happen.

The best thing is the customization won't break the bank. Custom size and styling starts at only $7.50. If you want to save some cash though, you still can order regular sizes 0-36W from eShakti!

So be sure to check out the pretty clothes at eShakti and if you are a first time user you can register and get $25 free for your first purchase!

Side note: looking at all these pictures of me may BLIND you because I'm so white! ack! Looking forward to some beach trips and tanning after it gets a little warmer!! :)


  1. I will have to try them one day! It sounds like a pretty sweet deal the way it all works :)
    In the way of neck jewellery I think maybe something bold with colour? Nothing dainty though something that makes itself known!

    Good luck and you look great anyway:)

  2. Wow this is really pretty! Love the button detail and the idea of customisation xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos(

  3. I love the front details. You look great in it!! I've never heard of them. Will definitely have to check them out. I have the same problem -- boobs and a booty, too. Nothing button front ever fits my boobs unless I buy it huge and then it looks like a tent. Customization sounds wonderful!

  4. Cute dress! The color looks great on you!