15 Girly Drinks to Make

I LOVE a good girly cocktail. By girly I mean something that is sweet, does not taste too strongly of alcohol, but will still get you feeling good after you've had two or three :) Here is a round up of some d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s girly drinks for the 21+ crowd that I've found that seem to fit all three of those categories!

15 Girly Drinks to Make:

Redhead in Bed from YumSugar

Strawberry Champagne Punch by Simply Creative Insanity

Frozen Peach Bellinis by Bell'alimento

Red wine and cranberry 
Red Wine and Cranberry Spritzer by A Beautiful Mess

Lemon Drop Martini by My Girlish Whims

Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail 
Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail by Creative Culinary 

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas by There Goes The Cupcake 

Sparkling Mango Sorbet Floats by Kitchen Confidante

Riesling Strawberry Slushie by With Style & Grace

Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail by Pineapple and Coconut

lemonade sparkler 
Pink Lemonade Sparkler by Valley & Co. Lifestyle

Watermelon Mojito by Bookcooker

Classic Cosmopolitan by Cooking to Get Laid

Sparkling Sangaria by Domesticate Me

Blueberry Lime Margaritas by Heather Christo

Slurrrrp. Can't wait to try something new out this weekend!


  1. yummy!!! let's try a few recipes sometime! cause they all look good. ps. your lemon drop martinis? i remember one just had the room spinning! :)

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  5. I want to grab one of them right now, so thirsty. Thank you for sharing the recipes!
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