DIY Accent Flower Necklace with The Sunshine Shoppe


I recently had the opportunity to try out some FUN craft supplies from the Sunshine Shoppe! This website is PACKED FULL of girly craft supplies! They have a large variety of colored and patterned elastic, flowers, and beading supplies! If you have a little girl this is an AWESOME site to get supplies for hair bows and headbands.  The prices for elastic and premade flowers are REALLY affordable! Like - so affordable that I know we can all DIY a satin rosette, but it's so cheap on here you might want to just buy it!

But, since I don't have any little babies (yet... {and none planned for the foreseeable future!!}) I had to think of another fun project to make.

I picked out a variety of supplies and so I had tons of different options of things to create with, but I decided to make a necklace with a cute flower accent!

I used a satin mesh flower and it is just the perfect accent to make this necklace pop!

Here's how I made the necklace:

String four strands of purple seed beads on beading wire and tape the ends. I ALWAYS tape my ends if I am not connecting them right away - I have had wayyyy to many spills!

String three strands of complementary purple beads for the bib of the necklace. I used faux pearls, round crystals, and larger seed beads.

Use crimp beads to crimp each end of these strands onto a jump ring (I used a split ring to make it more sturdy)

Take two strands of the smaller seed beads and crimp one end onto a clasp.  Thread the other end through the jump ring and then crimp those onto the clasp as well.

Do this for the other side as well so the base of your necklace will be complete!

Next, grab a pretty flower...

And use hot glue to attach a pin base to the back.

After the glue is dry, open up the pin, slide it through one of the split rings on the necklace bib, and close it back up again.

What's really nice about adding the flower on as a pin is that you will always have the option to remove it if you would rather wear the necklace more plain.

I don't know why you would want to though, this flower is so dang cute!

Very feminine. And very easy to put together!

I'm so glad I had a chance to try out some goodies from the Sunshine Shoppe, for more inspiration and project ideas be sure to visit their blog!

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  1. Beautiful necklaces!Thanks for sharing tutorial.
    Hope you have a good week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Wow how elegant. Love all of these colors together, so feminine and pretty. I always create DIY necklaces and use M&J Trimming for necklace chains since they have the best selection. You should check it out! 15% off all chains until 8/31/13. The promo code is CHAIN201 and the link is

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!

  3. Love this necklace. Such an easy pattern too.