Home is Wherever I'm With You Embroidery

I'm back with another cute embroidery project! I just love how I can use this traditionally "older" style craft to make cute little home decor items for my house! Embroidery certainly ain't just yo' granny's craft anymore :)

We painted our family room a light blue/teal color recently and I'm still trying to put some final touches on decorative accents.  So I decided it was time to DIY another one!

Home is Wherever I'm With You Embroidery

Here's my finished piece, isn't it so cute??

I got this HUGE selection of blue embroidery floss from Wholeport (similar set - retails for only $10!).  I literally went through every color until I found the perfect one to go with our paint. I had a lot of choices!

I traced my phrase onto my fabric from a vinyl phrase I found online on my OLD dinosaur computer from college that is a tablet so I can swivel the screen down to trace off of (love that for embroidery projects!) I also painted the embroidery frame a coordinating color.

I just used a basic back stitch to embroider. Nothing fancy. Here it is all done!

It makes such a cute little addition to my family room decor.

I'm a huge sucker for homey/love quotes and the family room is just the perfect spot for them! How many is too many??? I have three decorative quotes now on display: this embroidery, my DIY Irish Blessing Sign and a print from the site Minted. I guess I just need to keep them in separate areas and all will be good :)


  1. Very cute. You did a good job with the embroidery too.

  2. I love the song "Home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero. I'm assuming you got the saying from the song. Very cute idea! I need to do something for my anniversary next Month. It's my 25th on October 1st. We were married 1988. whew!