DIY Beaded Dangle Necklace

One of the best things about being able to make your own jewelry is being able to easily make a necklace to go with a specific outfit. That's exactly where this next necklace came from!

I wanted a cute, coral/peach necklace to go with a new polka-dotted top I bought from Target.  This beaded dangle necklace was the perfect fit!

This is really where being a bead hoarder comes in handy...a nice large selection of bead colors to pick from. I had the perfect selection of peach beads lefts over from this necklace to make a different bib style necklace to go with my new shirt!
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Here's how to make your own DIY necklace!

Needed to make this necklace: two different types of peach stone beads, pink crystal rondelles, round stone beads, head pins, eye pins, crimp beads, beading wire, chain.

First step is to make the main dangles of the necklace.  String your larger stone beads onto head pins

Bend the head pin 90 degrees above the bead with needle nose pliers. Cut off all but about a half inch tail with wire cutters.  Curl the tail into a loop using round nose pliers. 

Attach an eye pin onto the head pin using pliers.  Add on a crystal bead, then form another loop and add on a longer eye pin.

String on your smaller stone bead and then form another loop on the other end of the eye pin

Next, cut a length of beading wire sufficient for a necklace length.  String on one of the beaded dangles.

String on three round stone beads on either side, then another dangle. Continue until all dangles are strung. 

Fill up the rest of the beading wire with round beads and attach a clasp using a crimp bead.


I just love how this one turned out.  I tend to always lean towards incorporating chain somewhere in a necklace, and so I was happy to switch things up and use only beads in this necklace.

Cheese! Here's to pretty necklaces and pink polka dots :)

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  1. This is pretty. I like it.