Christmas Round-Up from Last Year

One of the fun things about blogging is being able to look back on past years to see when I started decorating and crafting for each season. Now, last year was my first Christmas in my own home with my hubby to celebrate, so it was pretty exciting. But, looking back, I posted my first Christmas craft on NOVEMBER FREAKING 15TH! Sheesha! I really was ahead of the game! I was all decorated by now! I still don't have my Christmas tree up and just started getting other decorations up yesterday. Eeck! I feel so behind now!

I was quite productive in my Christmas crafting last year as well.  I made stockings, a tree skirt, ornaments, and some various decorations.  Here's a round-up from my posts last year. No promises that I'll be quite as productive this year though :)
 Well, at least since I was pretty productive last year I don't have to make another tree skirt or stockings, so hopefully I'll just have some more fun decorations to share soon!!

Am I the only one without my tree up yet?? Please tell me I'm not alone :)

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