Where to Buy Cousin Beads

So, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm so happy to be a brand ambassador for Cousin Corporation. I talk about Cousin a lot because they are a major jewelry manufacturor and I have LOVED working with them. But, I've thought to myself...what if all of my readers don't really know who Cousin is? So, i've decided to show you where exactly I buy my Cousin beads and what they look like - you might be buying Cousin products and not even realizing it!

So on this day of national shopping I figured I would show you where I shop for my Cousin Products:


When I visited my local Walmart to get theses photos, I realized that the ONLY beads in the whole aisle were Cousin beads! Here's a little collage of the Cousin beads available at walmart:

If you've ever bought beads or findings from Walmart, there's a good chance they were Cousin beads!  I personally like to get chain and rhinestones from the Walmart line. The rhinestone chains are the CHEAPEST you will find anywhere. And they are so fun to craft with! These knock-off earrings I made used two different sizes of rhinestone:

And this knock-off chain necklace includes both rhinestones and chain from Walmart.


Michaels also stocks an assortment of Cousin products - my favorite Cousin line they carry is the Crystazzi line! So many crystals and pearls available to make something glamorous.

This elegant pearl necklace I made was with all Crystazzi pearls.

A.C. Moore

A.C. Moore carries a TON of Cousin products. They have a great assorment of Cousin's Jewelry Basics line as seen in these photos:

Starring at that first picture for too long is enough to make your jewelry-loving eyes go cross eyed huh??? There is an AC Moore only about 10 minutes from my house in the same shopping center as my grocery store so if I ever need some jewelry supplies quick, this is where I head too!
AC Moore has a great selection of charms from Cousin, like the charms I used in this necklace!
Prima Bead
If you would rather do your bead shopping online, you can find many of Cousin's products on their retail website Prima Bead.The BEST thing about buying online from Prima Bead is that there is FREE SHIPPING! I hate paying shipping on beads, so now you can shop away and not feel guilty....about having to pay shipping at least :)
Here are some necklaces I made with supplies from Prima Bead:
So maybe after seeing some of these photos you might have realized you've bought Cousin products without even realizing it! I love Cousin beads because they are affordable and easy to find - so many different retailers offer them!


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