DIY Beaded Bib Teal Necklace: My Moms Christmas Present

My family has joined the internet age when it comes to Christmas presents.  "Huh?", you say, and "what does this have anything to do with this pretty teal necklace I see below?" Well it does correlate so bear with me a moment. 

With my family, if we want to get Christmas presents my mother has dictated that we most add things to our amazon wishlists.  Nothing on your wishlist? Nothing waiting for you Christmas morning.  Gone are the days of battling overcrowded department stores during the holiday rush and debating between the electronic nose hair trimmers or the pull over sweater as the gift of choice for my brother-in-law. Now I get the shopping for my family done in about 15 minutes! A couple of click click clicks while sitting on my couch and I've got gifts ordered for the whole family...and guess what? I know they will actually like them! And I get gifts I like too!

Sure, a lot of the surprise factor is gone but now that my family is all grown up we would rather get things we like than be surprised with things we don't like. So, all that to say MOST of my Christmas shopping this past year was not super personable, except for my moms present.  

My mom has always liked my jewelry and when I asked her this year if she would rather have something off her amazon list or handmade jewelry, she opted for the jewelry route.  So I made one handmade gift this year and it was this lovely teal necklace for my mom!

Now I know Christmas is over but you can make jewelry for your mother through out the year for birthdays or mothers day or whatever really. Or maybe you'd just like to make this necklace for yourself :)  Here's how to make it!

Supplies Needed:
 Two different types of teal beads (I used 4mm czech glass beads and 6mm stone beads), two different sizes of gold seed beads, gold chain, Beading Wire, crimp beads, jump rings and a clasp. You will also need needle nose pliers and wire cutters (wire cutters, jump rings and clasp not pictured!)

It took me a little while to design this necklace because I knew a wanted to make the necklace in this teal color but I really only had two different teal beads available to work with.  After playing around with things I decided to make a beaded bib with multiple different strands and I would break up my beads with small gold beads to make them go further! 

So, to start this project string three strands with the larger stone beads interchanging with the larger gold seed beads, and two strands with the czech glass beads alternating with the smaller gold seed beads.

After all your strands are strung, string crimp beads onto the end and crimp them onto a jump ring.

Use needle nose pliers to attach another jump ring to the one with all of the strands connected to it and also attach a length of chain.

Do the same for the other side and then connect a clasp to the end of the strand using jump rings.

Here is the finished look!

Even though I only used two different beads I really like how the stone and glass play off each other! The little touches of gold are a nice addition as well.

And here's my pretty momma wearing her new present!

Doesn't it look great on her?? :)

So overall, I do enjoy how buying Christmas presents has gotten easier with things like amazon wish lists and free two day shipping, but I'm sure my mom will appreciate and treasure this necklace so much more than if I had mindlessly picked something in my price range off her list.

That's one of the best things about crafting though, isn't it? Being able to share our talent with others! Maybe next Christmas I can be a little less lazy and try to make a few more meaningful handmade items.

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  1. This necklace is gorgeous! Well done! I wish I was better about making jewelry but there is something about it that intimates me. With your tutorial, I'm sure I could replicate this for sure. Thank you!