How to Get Rid of Knotty Shower Hair

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I used to HATE combing my hair because it took SO LONG.  I didn't understand why it was so difficult either! I'm sure we all have memories of being kids and having our mothers yank through our hair TRYING to get all of the knots out. But I'm not a kid who runs around all day playing and never combs her hair, and I think that I take pretty decent care of my hair! I wear it straight most days and comb it periodically throughout the day to get most of the tangles out.  I don't use much heat on it, I use shampoo and GOBS of conditioner, but after my shower it always took forever to comb my hair out. 

I always had to factor in a solid 10 minutes of my morning routine just to comb through my wet hair.  I'm sure that that is normal for some of you who have SUPER long or SUPER thick hair, but my hair isn't crazy long and it's definitely not crazy thick. Why was this such a big problem for me?? Combing my hair HURT and I had to clean my hairbrush out way too often for all the hair that was getting pulled out. 

So, I decided it was about time to do something about it.  I ventured into Walmart to see if I could find some kind of detangling spray. Now, when I think of detangling spray I think of THIS or something similar with an equally childish critter on the front: 

I didn't even know if they made detangling spray for adults! And I didn't really want to use something with an octopus on the packaging or shaped like a fish haha.  But guess what? Turns out they DO make detangling spray for adults! I found this spray made from Pantene:
I found Pantene Pro-V® Normal-Thick Hair Solutions Silkening Hair Detangler  right in with all the other hair sprays and mousses in the walmart aisle (you can also buy it from amazon). Let me say: using it for the first time the next morning was HEAVENLY.  It made my combing a lot easier...but it still wasn't perfect. 

 A few days later though I saw a facebook friend post about how awesome the "Wet Brush" is for getting tangles out of her little girls hair. Still desparate to fix my hair issues, I looked it up online and found out it got REALLY good reviews on amazon and was only 9 bucks so I bought the puppy right then and there. 
Apparently the Wet Brush  is supposed to work so well with wet hair because the bristles are VERY flexible and ease their way through tangles gently.  I had been using a stiff bristled brush before so I thought that maybe the change would help.

So: now equipped with detangling spray AND my new brush the next morning I set out to tame the beast that was my hair.

And you know what??? It really worked!!
 I can actually stand up and comb my hair now because it only takes me about 3 minutes!  Before I would sit mindlessly on the bed for 10 minutes to try and rake through that mess.  But with the combination of the spray and having a more flexible brush it no longer hurts as much while combing and I'm not loosing as much hair either.

Glory Glory Halleluiah.

One other added benefit I've noticed is that my hair is a lot softer now! I think that's because the detangling spray is supposed to condition your hair lightly as well as detangle which has been very nice :) It doesn't tangle as easily throughout the day either! Double bonus. 

Alright hair. Looks like you and I are in it for the long haul now that I don't want to chop you off every morning anymore for being so difficult :)

Just remember I am no hair expert - but thought I would share something that worked well for me!! Does anyone have as much difficult with combing their hair as I did?? Any other tips I should use?


  1. What a super helpful post! I'm happy for your hair! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I was blowing my hair dry today thinking I needed to find a product to help my tangled mess.