DIY Bead Cluster Web Necklace

I've got another statement necklace tutorial to share!

DIY Bead Cluster Web Necklace

I've done a little shopping since losing some weight and starting a new job (any excuse to shop right??) and it seems whenever I go shopping I buy something that needs the perfect handmade accessory to go with it! I got a plain dark blue shirt from New York and Company that has some pretty ruching details on the sleeves but besides that it was pretty basic.  It was baisically calling out to be paired with a big fashion necklace! I gathered some supplies and tried out a new necklace technique and here was my result!

This necklace is fairly time consuming but I think so well worth it in the end!

Want to learn how to make your own? Here's how!
Needed to make this necklace are: Chain, Jump Rings, Head Pins, Round Crystals, Large Bicones, Small Bicones, Round Beads and a variety of other blue beads. You will also need a clasp, split rings, split ring pliers, needle nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters.

 This is the selection of beads I put together before I got started but I used more of some beads (crystals) and some not at all (the pearls in the round containers).  It depends on the size of your necklace how many beads you will need! Most of my supplies are from Cousin Corporation which can be bought at any major craft store or online at Prima Bead!

First step to making this necklace is to create the base for the necklace made out of chain. This part is a little tedious! Start by cutting multiple lengths of chain using wire cutters.  I measured the longest piece by holding it up against my neck to get a general idea of the length I wanted beads on for the necklace.  Cut the following pieces of chain in decreasing sizes. The longer you want the necklace, the more pieces of chain you will use so decrease less length.

Connect each piece of chain to the longer chain before it using jump rings. Open the jump ring with needle nose pliers, string it through both links of chain and then squeeze shut with pliers again. I did this for every single chain link.  You could probably get away with only linking together every other link, but make sure you always at least link the end pieces of chain so the necklace keeps its shape better.

Repeat this process row after row until you've reached the desired length for your necklace

Here's how the base of my necklace looked after all my chain pieces were cut and linked together with jump rings:

Next part of the process is to string a bunch of your beads onto head pins and then create a simple loop at the top to be able to attach them to the necklace base. You can attach the beads to either the jump rings or the chain base but I found it easiest to attach the beads to the jump rings.

I started with my larger beads first and spread them throughout the necklace while attaching. Repeat this process for your other beads paying attention to your spacing so the necklace will look like a good mix of beads at the end.

I attached a bead to pretty much every jump ring on the necklace so I got a nice and full result shown here! (PS: a lot of time elapsed between these two photos.  This will take you a bit!!)

Next you need to make your beaded bib into a necklace.  If I was to do this necklace over again I would have cut my first piece of chain to be the full length that goes around my neck.  But since I didn't and didn't feel like unattaching everything I just connected two smaller pieces of chain to the ends of my beaded bib.

Since this necklace it pretty heavy from all the chain and beads I used a split ring instead of a regular jump ring to attach the chain pieces for extra strength. If you have a set of split ring pliers it makes the little buggers a lot easier to work with.

Lastly, attach a clasp to the end of the chain ends.  I used split rings here as well for extra strength.

After the clasp is attached, your necklace is finished!

I love the look of cluster necklaces. While you are working on making the necklace it always looks a little funny but magically after you get enough beads on it always turns out fabulous!

This is the first time I've ever structured a necklace with this chain foundation and I really like the form it gives the necklace.  

I might just have to make another one soon in another color.  Guess I'll have to go buy more clothes to match then!


  1. LOVED this Rebecca! You always make the best tutorials. It really turned out great!


  2. Wow! That's a lot of work. The end result is fabulous.

  3. Love this! The color is gorgeous, and a nice mix of beads. It always seems to me that the necklaces that take the most time are the ones I love...and then end up wearing the least lol. You inspire me to become more of a necklace wearer!

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    Allison (

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    Thank you so much, Rebecca!