Five Months in and Going Strong

Well another month has gone by so I figured I'd do anoter weight loss update.  This is definetly the longest I've ever stuck to a "diet." I am so proud of myself! I think once you start seeing real results it gets addicting and you want to keep on seeing them :) You can catch up on my other posts here!

I last left off right before we left for Jamaica hitting the 30 pound bench mark. I really just wanted to mentally get to 30 pounds before our trip since it's such a nice round number!! We had an AWESOME time in Jamaica and it was such a nice trip to just relax and have fun.  It was also a nice break from my diet hah! I really didn't restrict myself at all.  We drank all day (hey it was an all exclusive!) and enjoyed eating some non healthy options too haha.  I did go running...once! Hey better then zero times. It was fun to run on the beach, such pretty scenery! There were also a lot of Jamaicans around, one of them yelled out "You gonna get fit girl!!" as I was running past.  Ya mon!

I was pretty scared to step on the scale when we got back...but I only gained three pounds!! I thought it was going to be so much worse! The morning of our trip I had actually gotten down to 32 pounds lost so after we got back I was at 29 pounds lost.  Very easy to recover from.

It's been a little over a month since my last update but I'm now down to 38 pounds down! Woot! I'm still doing the same thing, just eating healthy and tracking my calories and exercising every day.  I am so loving my Zumba classes, this week I burned over 600 calories during class! It's such a fun way to get in a work out. 

Here's another comparison from this gym selfie from last summer and now. I definetly do not have as much belly bulge as I did before!!

I'm also running/walking on the trail by my house a lot, about three days a week normally.  It's a for sure way to burn a lot of calories! Plus Jefferson my doggie loves going with me :) I posted this picture on instagram saying that the day before I had turned down donuts AND pizza at work (splurged a little on dinner later) but was still able to come home and try on another pair of jeans I havn't been able to get on in ages.  But I was out exercising again because I could get the jeans on but couldn't really MOVE in them yet haha.  

I love how easy it is getting for me to turn food down (especially during the week). Fat Becca would always eat what was being offered haha. Now I let myself splurge on the weekends so I know I need to be good during the week and be dedicated!!
I'm still actually enjoying finding more healthy meals to cook and eat.  I'll have to do a round up of some of my favorites, but here are a few thing I tried in the past two weeks:
I made this Mahi Mahi with a Bacony Corn Saute  (I called for hallibut but my grocery store didn't have any) and I am so proud of myself for cooking fish again haha.  I never really used to like seafood and now I'm eating and AND cooking it.  Man I'm so adventerous ;) 
Last night we made grilled shrimp tacos with a homeade avacado sauce...yummm. Shrimp is a really healthy protien...but also not cheap!!! I look for it when it's on sale at the store now to make something yummy with!
This week I also tried baked pineapple teriyaki chicken thighs from Budget Bites. This was a LOT of food but everything was pretty healthy! I couldn't finish it at all though which is probably good ;)
Last weekend I was able to get all dolled up to visit my hubby out at a World War II weekend he was volunteering at. They had a dance each night with swing music and I came out on Saturday night to keep him company. I got to curl my hair and dress vintage-esch and baisically feel pretty and more confident about myself now that I'm not so overweight!

Hubby was looking pretty handsome too in his uniform. Ow ow. 

I'm hoping by next month I will have surpassed another big "mental number" and will actually start sharing my real weight. Not ready quite yet for just blasting that out on the internet yet but maybe soon :)


  1. Congrats! All your hard work is really paying off.

    You two make such a gorgeous pair.


  2. WOW. you are looking great! I can really see a difference in your stomach, face, and arms. On a side note I love that navy blue dress you have on!

  3. You look great!! The dress is so flattering for you as well! Keep it up!! I like hearing your progress. :)

  4. Congratulations on your progress!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. You go girl! You are looking fabulous- I can really see the difference in those two gym pics. I absolutely love the vintage style of your dress and your hair and makeup look so pretty!! I'm already looking forward to the next update post. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  6. Congratulations! Keep up the good work because you're looking very happy and healthy. Love your navy dress~

  7. Wow! You're looking amazing! Well done you!

  8. You should be so proud of yourself, you are looking incredible. It is true that real beauty comes from within, but I think that a huge part of that comes from loving ourselves, and if this diet / lifestyle change makes you more happy and confident than it is all worth it. You are looking incredible and I hope you stick with it!

  9. Where can I find the recipe for the sauce you made for the shrimp tacos??