Chain Knock-Off Necklace

I loved this necklace from Lauren Elan ever since I saw Sydney from the Daybook wear it. The necklace is no longer available, but when it was it retailed for $165 bucks. Wowzas! That's a nice chunk of change for just some chain! 

Take a look a my cheap knock-off version:

Lauren Elan Knock-Off Chain Necklace

Not too shabby! Her necklace has a less, more chunky strands of chain,.  If I make more I think I will try to find heavier chains, but for this version I used a few more medium sized chains to compensate.

Here's how to go about making your own!

Gather a bunch of different kinds of chain. I got mine from Walmart, Joanns, AC Moore, and Fusion Beads. The original also includes one strand of rhinestones at the top, these can be found at Walmart. Create a layout with the chains you have. 

Using wire cutters, cut the chains in increasing lengths so they lay nicely when put together. 

Use a jump ring to attach half of one side of the chains. (My chains were too bulky to all fit on one)

Here's both sides of my necklace split in half and attached to jump rings. 

I then attached the two smaller jump rings on each side to one very large jump ring. 

I then used smaller jump rings again to add an extender chain and lobster claw clasp.  And that was it! Easy peasy. 

Here are some shots of the finished product :)

I can't wait to wear it...I'm thinking of wearing it with a simple black dress, kind of similar to this look Sydney styled with the original necklace. 

Now I've finally got another knock-off checked off my list!

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  1. So awesome, and so simple! One way I have gotten bulkier chains for cheap is to hit the department store clearance racks (usually JCPenney for me) and look for ugly or broken necklaces but that have good chains. You can get them for just a few dollars.

  2. Or thrift can find some super tacky old stuff with great chains, haha

  3. And I love YOURS so much more!

  4. I love the look of this necklace, and the price! Great tutorial, I'm your newest follower :)

    Come check out my site, Clever Nest, it's nice to meet you!

  5. Rebecca, thanks for hosting lovely! You are so talented with all the pretty jewelry you make, I wish I could do that! Love coming by every week!
    XO, Barbara

  6. I actually like yours better than the real one! Gorgeous! :)

  7. This was such a great tutorial! I love it and you necklace turned out fabulous!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  8. I like very much all your desing,thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Do you cut the chains to the same length? Or a little smaller on top, then gradually get lomger? I'm just imagining the way it lays once on....