Jewelry Knock-Off: Stella & Dot Rhinestone Chain Earrings

I've been in the mood for jewelry knock-offs lately! I made a little knock-off to do list and am working through getting some of them done.  Today I'm going to show you how to make an easy knock-off of these Stella & Dot earrings:
Now, one of the cool parts of these earrings is the chain knot at the top.  I decided to leave that part is possible to DIY, but to me it looks like it would be a big headache getting all those pieces of chain to line up right. Ok. Well, maybe not the worst. But ANYWAY I thought they would look fine without it and certainly easier for those of you newer to jewelry-making.

Here's my version:

And here's how to make your own!

Stella & Dot Knock-Off Rhinestone Chain Earrings


Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, two different sizes of Rhinestone Chain, Rhinestone Chain Connectors, two different kinds of regular chain, small Jump Rings, medium Jump Rings, two Ear Wires

Note: I found the cheapest and easiest way to buy the rhinestone chain is at walmart in the bead section! They sell it cheap and it comes with the connectors you need.


Cut two lengths of your larger rhinestone chain using wire cutters and connect the rhinestone connector (I really don't know if it has a technical name haha) to the end of the chain.  To do so, place the last rhinestone into the connector, and then squeeze the prongs shut using needle nose pliers.

Cut four lengths of the smaller rhinestone chain slightly shorter than the larger chain, and attach the connectors to the end.

Use wire cutters to cut eight lengths of varying chain length with your two different chains to coordinate with the rhinestones.  This is the length pattern I decided on for each earring:

Attach a jump ring to the top of each of the rhinestone chains so they will hang facing forward when the earring is done.

Open up a medium sized jump ring using needle nose pliers and string all the chain and rhinestones onto it in order.

Add on an earring wire and then close the jump ring with pliers.


I think they are still super pretty without the chain knot at the top!

Looks similar enough to me!

PS: These will be available in my etsy shop soon if you are interested!

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  1. Love these! I'm pinning for later! :)

  2. Super... I like it. Greetings from CZ.

  3. These are fun! A great idea for earrings! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful earrings, cleverly done! I have a serious jones for dangly earrings, so I'll be making some for myself. Love these.

  5. Your earrings are beautiful! I love Stella & Dot but find that they can be a bit pricey. Yours are every bit as stylish and I am sure they were a bargain as well :)

  6. GORGEOUS!!! I love these! You should come by and link up to my fashion party tomorrow! WOuld love to have you :)


  7. I like yours more than the stella & dot ones!

  8. I made them! Super cute! I have left over chain and no left over connectors. Do you know of anywhere you can buy just connectors? Or what do you do with the extra bits?

  9. I'm not sure off the top of my head where you could find extra connectors, possibly walmart. You could just get some wire though and wire wrap around the last link and attach it to a jump ring to be able to use if for another project!

  10. They are beautiful! Do you plan to make another for your Etsy?

  11. Love these
    Where can I purchase the gemstones like you have used?
    Can't seem to find them in the stores

  12. These are so pretty. Can't wait to make them. I think I'll make a red pair. Brenda

  13. These are so pretty. Can't wait to make them. I think I'll make a red pair. Brenda

  14. Chains in earrings, I haven't ventured on that with my DIY making. I gotta try this and maybe make a matching set with a bracelet and necklace.

  15. Loving these!! Beautiful project. Thanks for sharing in today's Blog Hop!

  16. These are funnnn!!! My peer pressure worked, Haha! Thank you for playing!! <3

  17. It will be fun to make one of those earrings. Pendant styles are awesome these days. People can buy earring through online, Earrings online shopping. It gives the new era of jewelry shopping.

  18. Stunning work. Love this diy earring. Definitely want to try this.

  19. So beautiful! I will try it according to this DIY tutorial.

  20. Love that style! just short for us short neck folks. LOL Thanks for your ideas, especially regarding a make-do connector.

  21. What size is the chain?
    What is the size of the links of the chain?
    I want to use chain in some earring by attaching becomes with o rings, what chain do I use?
    Thank you.