Top Posts of 2014

Happy New Year!!! Well, almost New Year :) I'm just barely squeaking this post in of my top posts of 2014.  It's alright though, it's still 2014 until the clock strikes midnight! Until the fat lady sings! Until I fall asleep at 11PM because midnight is sounding verrrrry late to me right now...hah! I always have fun looking back at which posts have been the most popular on my blog for the past year. Surprise surprise...for the second year in a row all of these posts are jewelry related.  I guess I know what kind of projects you guys like!! Two jewelry round-ups were also very popular this year so I added them into the mix as well.  Without further ado....
There you have it! My top posts for the year.  I hope you have enjoyed reading over the past year and will stick around for another one! I've slowed down blogging a bit, I can't promise a new project to post every monday every week but I still do like blogging and I'm not going anywhere.  I've just got a relaxed attidue toward it.  I'll craft when I craft and blog about it after the sun comes up again to take nice pictures haha :) My top posts of years past are listed below as well if you are interested. I wish you the very happiest of happy new years!!


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