DIY Boho Chain Necklace Set

Who is ready to jump into spring with a new DIY project full of boho beachy vibes?!? This new necklace tutorial has me feeling light, springy and STYLING!

This necklace set is actually a collaboration for a fun project with Cousin Corporation! I've been a brand ambassador for them for a few years and just love their jewelry supplies.  Last year Dawn organized a blog hop for all of us ambassadors to create a project using the same set of materials and we had so much fun doing it last year we thought it was time to bring it back again!

I used the given materials and just a few extras from my own stash to create two long pendant chain necklaces that can be worn separate or together for a true statement piece.  Here are the beads from Cousin DIY everyone was sent to use:

And here is how I used the supplies to make my own project!

I started by taking a pre-made beaded necklace

And swapping out a blue bead from each set of bead links for a black bead from my own stash.  I wanted this necklace to coordinate with the black pendant I used on the other necklace so I needed to add in some black!

Now there was a little more black in this necklace and I had four blue bead links to use for the other necklace so hang onto them - you will need them later!

I added just a little more black into this necklace by using wire cutters to cut apart the chain section between the beaded links and added in a larger 6mm black bead by stringing it onto an eye pin and then creating a simple loop on the other end and attaching it to either side of the chain using needle nose pliers.

After the chain section is all finished...

I attached one of the white druzy pendants to the bottom of the chain using a jump ring and needle nose pliers

Next I set to work on the chain for the second necklace! I created four sets of beaded links with the turquoise beads I stole from the other necklace in the center and added two black beads and two clear beads from my own stash on either side.

I attached the beads using eye pins and creating simple loops on the other end to connect each link

Next I cut four lengths of beading wire and strung on about two inches of gemstone chip beads that were part of the haul of beads from Cousin

I used crimp beads to crimp one side of the beading wire to a length of chain from my own stash

And then used a jump ring to attach another druzy pendant to the middle of this chain link

I used another crimp bead to attach the other side of beading wire of each gemstone strand to another length of chain

Cut the chain on each side to about two inches and then attach a beaded link set to each side using needle nose pliers

Repeat both of these steps to add on the other gemstone chip strands and beaded link sets

Last step is to add a clasp onto the end of each chain piece using jump rings and needle nose pliers

And with that: the second necklace is done too!

I think they look great together as a set since the colors coordinate with each one and the pendants are different shapes

But if you aren't feeling the double necklace vibe...

Each one works great on it's own as well!

I paired the set with a plain turquoise shirt dress for my version of an easy boho look.  (My style has never been very boho so this is pretty impressive for me haha)

I'm so glad I was "forced" into making this cute project for our beading blog hop! It's always fun to have someone else pick out beads for me to create with because I always get some supplies I would never pick out for myself and I have to get creative with how I use them.

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