Easy DIY Multi-Strand Strung Necklace

Learning how to make a basic strung necklace is one of the easiest concepts of jewelry making. All you really need is beading wire, a clasp, crimp beads, and regular beads! After you have the basic technique down you can alter the styles and shapes of your beads to make dozens of different kinds of necklaces.

To jazz things up even more, adding multiple strands to the same necklace gives you a designer looking necklace that still just uses one of the most basic jewelry designing techniques! 

Even though I love to experiment and try new techniques and ways to make jewelry, at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with a basic strung necklace.  This cute purple multi-strand necklace came together really quick and easy but now is the perfect accessory to wear with a plain purple sweater dress for a cute and girly outfit.

 Let me show you just how easy it is to make your own DIY multi-strand necklace!


I got all the supplies for this necklace from Cousin Corporation. You will need beading wire, crimp beads, a toggle clasp, split rings, split ring pliers, needle nose pliers, and wire cutters as well as an assortment of beads.  I used dark purple oval beads, dark purple round beads, silver spacers, light purple faceted tubes, and light purple faceted round beads.


Start by cutting a long piece of beading wire using needle nose pliers 

Put some tape on one end of the wire and then string on 5 oval beads, 1 spacer, and then five more oval beads until you reach your desired length for the longest length of your necklace

I strung a total of four different strands decreasing in length using different purple beads and silver spacers.  I taped both ends of my strands to keep the beads secure while making sure I got the length of each strand right

After my lengths were set, it's time to connect everything together! Take the tape off the ends of the longest strand and then string a crimp bead and then a split jump ring onto one side of the beading wire.

Wrap the end of the wire back around the ring and string it through the crimp bead.

Squeeze the crimp bead shut using needle nose pliers

Use wire cutters to trim off the excess wire tail

Bring the beads flush against the crimp bead

And then repeat the process crimping the other side of the wire to another split ring

Repeat this process with all the other strands, working from the longest to the shortest strand using crimp beads to attach the strand to the same split ring. 

After all the strands are attached grab two more split rings and use split ring pliers to attach the rings with the strands on them to the clasp.  You could just use regular jump rings here (they are slightly easier to use than split rings, a full tutorial for them is found here) but my beads were pretty heavy so I wanted to use a split ring for more stability for this specific necklace.

After the clasp is connected, the necklace is done!

Easy peasy to make, but it turns out so beautiful!

The hardest thing you will have to do to make your own version is find beads that mesh together well.  I liked using this mix of dark purple and light purple beads: two that were opaque and two that were clear but then I brought the whole necklace together by using the same silver spacers in each strand.

I have to say, I'm currently working on a new necklace that is MUCH more advanced than this one that involves multiple different chains, eye pins, counting and math to get the spacing right and oy vay it's going to look good when it's done but it's not quite as relaxing to sit and make as it was to whip up this project, that's for sure!

Even though it's a little more challenging...it's been a good and distracting challenge because I'm typing this tutorial up Sunday night at home alone after finding ways to entertain myself while my boyfriend is traveling for work. He travels a decent amount and I don't normally mind it too much...except when it falls on a Sunday.  I feel like Sundays are just meant for snuggles and lazing around together with your loved ones if at all possible!!! No snuggles for me tonight, so instead I made jewelry and watched Sex and the City on Amazon Prime. Lol.  Whatever works :)

Next time you have some time to kill or need a new jewelry project to keep yourself distracted, I hope you might consider making an easy DIY strung necklace like this one!!! Let me know if you give it a try!

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