DIY Layered Statement Necklace

I've had some time the past two weekends to sit down and make some jewelry again which has made my creative spirit of so happy :) I realized while making some new pieces though that I never shared a tutorial for this gorgeous layered statement necklace that I made this summer while on vacation in Chincoteague! 

My boyfriend's family goes to Chincoteague every summer and I went along for my second time this past August.  It is such a quaint little town: it's always such a relaxing week full of time on the beach, enjoying the views of the bay from our rental house with some coffee in the morning or wine in the evening, lots of afternoon trips out for ice cream and dinner out with my guy :)

I always pack jewelry making supplies when I go on vacation because I have extra down time for crafting. Last year while in Chincoteague I made this blue and gold necklace and then posted the instructions for how to make a statement necklace for it. It's still one of my favorite necklaces!

I made another statement necklace this year but went for a longer more layered look.  I used five different strands of various grey/silver colored beads to put this together for one one easy to make but super stylish accessory!


To make this necklace you will need eye pins, head pins, beading wire, crimp beads, thin chain, various crystal, metal and stone beads, a clasp, jump rings, and a multi-strand connector. You will also need needle nose pliers, wire cutters and round nose pliers.


The first strand we are going to make is a length of round crystal beads linked together. String a round crystal bead onto an eye pin. Grab the pin with needle nose pliers directly above the bead and bend back 90 degrees. Grab the end of the pin using round nose pliers and bend back around to form a loop

Connect the links together using needle nose pliers to form a long chain of beads and then set aside

The next strand will also use beaded links, but alternated with chain.  Create beaded links using the same technique shown above with 4mm crystal bicones and  round silver metal beads. Instead of connecting them to each other, use needle nose pliers to connect them to small lengths of chain, alternating beads between lengths of chain cut using wire cutters.

Two strands of this necklace are just simple strands of strung beads.  Cut a length of beading wire using wire cutters and string two different strands of beads: one with 4mm crystals and one with 6mm stone beads

The last strand features crystal metal charms dangling from chain.  String a round metal bead onto a head pin.  Grasp the pin directly above the bead using needle nose pliers and then bend 90 degrees.  Trim off all but about a half inch tail using wire cutters.  Grab the tail by the end using round nose pliers and bend back around to form a loop.

Cut a long length of chain using wire cutters (this will be the longest strand) and then attach the metal bead charms to the length of chain using needle nose pliers.

You should have five complete strands now! At this point, I laid all my strands out and adjusted the length of each strand as needed so they would lay properly.

After the lengths are set it's time to connect each strand to the multi-strand connector. 

Use a small jump ring and needle nose pliers to connect each of the chain and beaded link strands to the connector and use a crimp bead to connect the strands of beads to the connector loop.

Here's how everything should look when all connected together:

Lastly, use a jump ring to connect a toggle clasp to the end of each side of the connector

After the clasp is connected, your necklace is done!

It's a big ole necklace, but I love the look of all the strands together in the finished product.

I've worn it with a basic grey t-shirt dress with a pair of heels to make a fancier outfit:

And even have just worn it with a tank and sweater to make a casual look a little more glam!

Unfortunately I'm not in Chincoteague any more and it's definitely not summer time, but I'm still glad I have this necklace to wear and remember the nice times I had on my trip!


  1. Gorgeous necklace! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  2. I loved this layered silver necklace and thanks for sharing such an easy way to make it !!


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